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dandy from russals hall
the pic from barrow hill, is wrong. that is top church dudley. you can not see that from barrow hill i live by it and walk my dog up there 7 hours ever day. the view is far more spectacular then that.


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jo gordon
I am a true black country could see the castle from my bedroom window and got fed gray pays un bacon by my nan!I now live in hampshire and miss the black country , hard working and salt of the fight my corner when called a brummie and take offence to be so!I have to visit every so often to hear the accent and eat the best pork scratchings in the 'm proud to be a black country babby!

I've never kown Wolverhampton to be part of the Black Country, yet I think that Stourbridge, Smethwick and West Bromwich are. Coming from Gornal, part of the heart of the BC, I'm proud to be from the area. Yet I've noticed that the Black Country does get confused with Birmingham, to those outside the Midlands anyway!

Steve Southwick Worcester
I bet you did not know that a family from teh Black Country (Kingswinford an Tettenhall) were amongst the founding fathers of America? If your name is Southwick or if you have these ancestors in your family, look them up on the you will discover is for some part quite hint Cassandra and Lawrence Southwick, and then find out who George Southwick is who printed the Declaration of Independence for Rhode Island and finally who invented the Electric chair.

Blackcountry james
The 9 boroughs Wolverhampton,Walsall,Dudley & sandwell are all is not and know your history before saying where the black country is had more industry than the rest of the towns put was a jack of all trades where most Blackcountry towns specialised in One industry thats why Wolves has survivied and prospered. There was coal mining as far west as Dunstall in wolves,iron,steel,jappanning,lock making,amongst others. Stick together and be proud to come from the black country otherwise we will all split up and fall further behind the rest of the the saerm as me a yoh ?

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