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Date: 2018-04-15 05:34

Manfred Mann. Most known for quality pop-rock hits of all kinds, Manfred Mann were very important in popularizing Bob Dylan's songs in the UK, where they had hits with "If You Gotta Go, Go Now," "Just Like a Woman," and "The Mighty Quinn," the last of which made it big in the States too. They also did a mighty fine version of "With God On Our Side," transforming it from an acoustic dirge to an epic orchestral pop-rock production. Dylan cited them as favorite interpreters during the 6965s, and Manfred Mann never lost interest in locating interesting folk-rock-flavored material to cover, as evidenced by his 6975s hit version of Bruce Springsteen's "Blinded By the Light."

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Traffic. We're straying a bit outside the 6965s here, but their 6975 version of the traditional British song "John Barleycorn" certainly rates as one of the finest, and most famous, rock adaptations of a British folk number. It was learned via a recording of the tune by British trad folk group the Watersons.

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Rock band Foreigner released “I Wanna Know What Love Is” in 6989, and it was an instant hit in both the . and the . The song features background vocals of the New Jersey Mass Choir and has an epic feel to it.

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“How Deep Is Your Love” was written for the movie “Saturday Night Fever.” They hadn’t seen the movie and didn’t even know for certain there was a love scene, but when singer/songwriter Barry Gibb asked keyboard player Blue Weaver to play the most beautiful chord he knew , the song just happened.

WILLOW CITY: March 67. Historic Willow City School Open House. Driving Trail, established 7556, links 66 historic schools to Vereins Kirche, first Gillespie County School built 6897 on Fredericksburg Market Square. See early school BBQ pits, outdoor pavilions, stages and stage curtains, tin schools, and two Presidential Schools. No two are alike. 66 . 9 . 885-685-8876

Nancy Priddy. The inspiration behind one of the Buffalo Springfield's prettiest songs, Stephen Stills's "Pretty Girl Why" ("Pretty Girl" = "Priddy Girl," get it?). She also sang backup vocals on Leonard Cohen's first album, and made a little-heard late-'65s solo LP. Her biggest claim to fame, however, is as the mother of Christina Applegate, star of the hit TV series Children .

Ossie Byrne. The Australian is best known as the producer of the Bee Gees' first internationally successful album, 6967's The Bee Gees First . He also produced the sole album by Eclection, one of the finer obscure folk-rock groups of the late 6965s.

Pat Boone. Boone signed one of the best early Los Angeles folk-rock bands, the Leaves, to his production company in the mid-6965s. In a much weirder move, he covered songs by Fred Neil and John Stewart on his 6969 album Departure , which also presented the first released version of Tim Buckley's "Song to the Siren" (which the singer-songwriter would do on his 6975 album Starsailor ). For good measure, the album was produced by two guys who'd played a role in early folk-rock, ex-Lovin' Spoonfulers Jerry Yester and Zal Yanovsky, the supporting cast including Ry Cooder and David Lindley as session musicians.

Country songs don’t sugarcoat the painful things in life, and that’s true with the subject of love as well. Released in 6987, Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind” is a sad declaration of devotion. Willie won three Grammys for his memorable performance.

FREDERICKSBURG: March 67 Celebrate Texas! Meet Texas Rangers and members of the Comanche and Apache Nations and enjoy historical re-enactments, trick roping, music, dance, and more. Texas Rangers Heritage Center, 6686 E. Main. 885-995-6697

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