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Date: 2018-04-14 03:23

Pls Mr. Darlington don 8767 t mind people like Osadolor you 8767 re doing great job, that 8767 s how their level of desperateness will lead them to the hand of con-men. When you post about how they can do tangible business and make judicious money they will not comment, everybody just want cheap popularity over night. You made it clear that you don 8767 t have link with nollywood yet he 8767 s challenging you. I do have a senior colleague who is a Movie Producer at 8775 Image Filmworks Inc 8776 . Let them go on facebook and look for him. I 8767 m sorry i can 8767 t post his phone number, its his personal line.

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Thank u very much sir for the vital information, my name is oyeoba isaac though my friend do call me LAFING GAS am from edo state Nigeria I 8767 ve been duped twice in the process of trying to be a Nollywood star, acting is what I 8767 ve been created for and i will be very grateful if u can help me achieve my dreams i will be waiting to hear from you sir my phone number is,thanks

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someone who wasn 8767 t shown love from childhood, someone who hasn 8767 t eaten or changed clothes, is it that one DAT will no what romance is?


8766 I 8767 m not interested in speaking Yoruba 8767 8767 my Yoruba sounds funny when I 8767 m forced to speak it 8767 . *standing ovation * what a huge achievement!

I asked this question when the news came out, 8775 why will a medical doctor want to join a robbery gang 8776 ? It makes no sense. My advice to the doctor is to report to a media house and declare his innocence to the world and ask d police to come and pick him up there. At least, those who know how to believe everything will have eyes to see and head to think. Moreso, if these so called police get to him first, they might just waste him and claim it was a gun battle

Lmao!! Isio no go kee me o! 8775 One I love you is valid for thirty days before it expires! Shuo! I don beg you so teyyy my mouth wan bend.” Lovely.

Am good at acting but i don 8767 t think if am really great at acting that is why i practice everyday. I will like join an industry and how can i which industry is the best and please sir i need an advice what should i do to be a great actor?

I love long walks with le boo tho. Gives us time to discuss our imaginations and appreciate nature without the distraction of tvs and phones

My two stories are just to illustrate the point that you 8767 ll always find a way to prove to the people who you really are, outside of whatever misinformed impression they have. Don 8767 t sweat it because the ones who 8767 re worth the effort will see the revelations of the real you in other ways.

The big questions, which cartel of the police planned this story and why? What is this cartel trying to hide from the public? How did the guns discovered in his hospital get there? Who is this cartel trying to protect? Why do they want to shut Dr. Jimade Ola Solomon up? Questions Nigerians.

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