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Date: 2018-03-06 20:47

Honestly, I have heard other stories too. In regular life, I really do not encounter people being as deceptive, evasive, or inconsistent. I do realize that women may have security issues with internet dating, I do understand that reality and it may be contributing to people being deceitful, male & female.

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I tried match and it is a waste of time, talk about unrealistic. First of all I smoke and almost all were non-smokers but would take a smoker, if I didn 8767 t smoke I wouldn 8767 t want someone who does. Second, I can 8767 t even count how many men in their sixties are looking for an 68 to 75 yr old. Really? That 8767 s as unrealistic as you can get, very disturbing. I thought we women as we get older must be the problem but those types of men, and there are plenty definitely have and are the problem. So dating sites may work for a few but for the most part I would say no.

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In the meantime, I go on with my life. I look at it like playing the lottery, if you don 8767 t buy a ticket, you can 8767 t win. It 8767 s the same with online dating. Every once in a while, there is a good one, but you have to have your profile up or you won 8767 t be in the game.

My maiden name was MIller, and I have found a lot of ancestors in Germany. Don 8767 t know if we may be related, but we could exchange info to see if w come from the same family line if you would like.

i have read all of these words and must say agree with almost all. i do not even go on these sites. i am 67 but look fabulous, am an international artist and the one thing i want to say is i can not believe that there is no option saying 8776 woman looking for woman or man it does not matter. someone kind, intelligent, open minded, loving who cares what sex the being a limited world i have to be thrust into.
i love beauty inner, outer any kind of beauty. it is very difficult for me to live in a world that is literally upside down and inside out. ya i can relate to greta garbo whole heartedly. it sucks when you want to love someone and there is no one to love. hmmmm

There 8767 s no such thing as a slut!!! Even if I had sex every day for the rest of my life with complete strangers, I would not be a slut, because 8775 slut 8776 is a term made up to shame women into being 8775 more innocent, dainty 8776 and encourages women to be less sexually independent than men. I really recommend looking up 8775 slut shaming 8776 on google, it 8767 s a really important thing to know, espescially as a girl!

As a 67 year old woman, I find it near to impossible to meet anyone even remotely within my area who ARE someone I would like to get to know better. I care nothing for one night stands, nor friends with benefits people. I just am not that type of person. However, after being married only once for 78 years, and divorced for over a decade, I guess I am realizing how tough it is to grow old 8775 alone. 8776 I 8767 m not looking for anyone to take care of me. I can do that myself. But a nice companion for dinners and movies would be nice. It seems however that men my age want someone in the 85-55 bracket. Who does one trust? At this point, after e harmony, , I don 8767 t have a lot of faith in these dating sites.

I 8767 m glad those pictures are posted, I would not consider a single one of the actual norwegian chicks posted hot, they are seriously ugly, and I lived there for a long time, and anyone who thinks they are hotter or better looking than swedes needs an eye ball check

Mike That picture is amazing and I was wondering who these people are. The man without the hat kind of looks like my father and having your input is quite helpful. My dad would have been too to be in that picture, but it is uncanny how much they look alike. Priest River is not too far from where i grew up and I remember seeing many places like that and visiting some friends and family with little farms with like buildings

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