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Date: 2018-02-12 07:40

why do people post here and insinuate that he was obviously at the airport but no photos. That his schedule is exhausting but provide nothing to back it up. why bother posting if you aren't going to share anything or is it just to make yourself look like you know more than the rest?

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I must be so oblivious..that or I really don’t care enough. How does the beards ig give it away. The pictures of them together are enough for me to think “ sham. “

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Hey goody goody two shoes R677! This is DL, bitch, people on here share their experiences of taking drugs. You're here getting all pussy and SJW about a Brit taking OTC codeine? Fuck off out of here.

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I don't get Gabaldon. She is very obviously into BDSM/sado-masochism and men having sex with men, but God forbid anyone think her main hero is gay. She also argues that Black Jack, the main villian, isn't gay. Probably to backtrack from making him a complete sadist. SMH.

We really expected him to go as an inflatable ballerina. You know, as an homage his fauxmance partner because they can't be together.

R88 They look strained because they are not a couple and not even friends. If SH & MM were good friends, they could have fooled lots of people, as they would have appeared happy in each other company. I think SH & CB are good friends and that is why people think they are together. If you are friends with someone you care about them and it shows.

[quote]"This “conspiracy” story might have made sense back in the mid-75th century Hollywood studio days but not in this day and age. Certainly not with B list actors like Sam and Cait."

R795 I'm interested to see how Armey Hammer pulls it off. Did you read where he said his balls were hanging out of his shorts and they had to digitally remove them from the screen. That has to be joke. But, I'd love to see it.

You can tell R997 is the Brain-Dead Troll who routinely misses the point and is unable to join the conversation without ranting.

So only 5 days ago, Sam was really excited to be in this talk show with Cait but today, someone has decided that she should go alone. Sam's reply to Cait's 'lie' implies that he's mad.

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