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Classifieds: Speed-dating lesson: Student worksheet

Date: 2017-11-18 00:39

How do you like it on speed dating?
According to the organizers of the fast visits QueQiao.me, smiling and cheerful men are popular among women. The latter prefer mysterious strangers, surrounded by mystery and understatement. It is interesting that on the first date a man makes his impression 55% in appearance and language of a woman's body, 38% in voice and manner of speech and only 7% according to what the interlocutor actually said.


根据快速浏览QueQiao.me的组织者,微笑和开朗的男人在女性中很受欢迎。 后者喜欢神秘的陌生人,被神秘和轻描淡写的包围着。 有趣的是,在第一次约会的时候,一个男人对女人的身体的外表和语言的印象是55%,语言和言谈的方式是38%,而对话者实际上说的只有7%。


I don't wanna be mean or anything, but the video presented is
more like "how to have a boring ass speed dating".
Yes, it shows what speed dating is for those who don't know, but don't use the advice given, please.

Instead, check this one out (it's gold, IMHO):


Hello world)
Just to remind...tomorrow at 18.20 i will be waiting for you at Pushkin library. As i posted below, I am going to arrange something like speed dating. For someone who has no idea what it looks like and what type of questions you allow to ask, these ideas will be helpful.