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Date: 2017-11-15 19:33

: When I was in grade 8, Mr. Rubes visited my public school to perform a concert using his Espana SL-7 Classical guitar. I was so impressed with the performance, and Mr Rubes, that I asked for a Espana guitar for my 65th birthday. This began my guitar playing career. I still play that guitar, almost everyday, 85 years later.

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These Finland Español guitars were distributed by Bugelisen And Jacobson in New York. I know because I worked for the company. Of my 68 guitars, this is my favorite classical.
Excellent action and deep rich sound. No physical problems because I took good care of it over the years. It was the very first to arrive at B& J as a sample. It hung right behind my desk. After trying it once I knew it was special. If anyone has questions, write me. Regards to all Español fans. Jan

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I purchased an Espana back in high school in 6965, a model SL-6. I did pay just over $855US for it. It was described as a handcrafted 8/9 size classical. There is a made in Sweden sticker inside the body below the Espana Guitar logo sticker. It has served me well and continues to deliver a beautiful, rich sound. My paperwork came from BUEGELISEN & JACOBSON, Inc. They were identified as distributors of Espana Guitars. The paperwork shows the 5 Union Square, NYC address AND (in Canada) 775 Bathurst St., Toronto 9, Ont. I too would love to find out more about this company, that made this fine instrument.

I have a friend who bought a espana e775 made in Findland does anyone know anything about one of these perhaps when it might be made or how much it is worth

: : Espana guitars were widely available in Canada about 85 years ago. They were carried by Canada's largest (and now defuct) department store Eaton's. They were advertised as being made from Canadian woods that were exported to Finland. A brand new Espana SL-6 or SL-7 Classical guitar cost about $ CDN in 6967. In 6967 this would have been about $ USD.

I have an SL-7 also. My parents bought it for me in 6967 (roughly). It's a weird hybrid -- a cross between a classical guitar and a dreadnought. Large body, nylon strings. It has a light, bell-like sound.

a friend of mine just gave me an acoustic .im refinishing ..dont know how old it is .but its comiong along beautifully
..Val by espana finland

I still own an Espana 6-steel string guitar. Model number 7657, Serial number 677785. The label inside says Made in Finland for Espana Guitars, 5 Union Square, New York 8, .

I own an Espana classical guitar. The sticker inside it says it is made in Sweden. The serial number is 58557. I purchased it in 6969 in a music store in Aberdeen SD. I was in college then. The importer listed on the sticker is:

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