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Sam Burgess calls out Rob Andrew after 2015 World Cup jibe

Date: 2017-11-17 15:52

So very interesting real world split is the fact that white men from 6669 to 6865 had the legal authority to black women with impunity. Stop watching Faux Snooze because it eats brains, causing you to become STUPID and DELUSIONAL.

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If it wasn 8767 t for us 8775 white crackers 8776 the blacks would starve and die without the MIGHTY YT brains and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (welfare, EBT , SNAP, WIC, ETC ETC )

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TT, GOD Bless you. I love when I get a response concerning God. But this is the FIRST time I have actually a comment defending the devil. Wow!!!!! The devil has your defense BIG time

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I 8767 m always curious about the full story. Why doesn 8767 t the writer of this article think it important to present how the officer came to be associated with the stroke victim? How is it that the officer was able to make it into her room twice (without being detected)? Was the officer in uniform or not and if so, was he in uniform as a pretense for following up on an investigation of some sort. I just feel like these details might go a long way in securing someone else in a future situation in terms of protecting someone that cannot communicate easily.

Black ppl can talk about black things it seems to amaze me that white ppl catch offense to what black ppl say when it 8767 s not even about them smh...I think the sentence is brutally harsh murderes don 8767 t even get this much time I also believe his sentence was high because HE IS A BLACK MAN

how very true. unfortunately it is getting worse. I will blame the current administration for that. I know and like many black people. it just seems like their race has gone bonzo, defending the thugs getting killed. Perhaps if an innocent black gets killed by a cop. So BLM, KKK, Negro college fund, Affirmative Action, Arian Nation, all groups that hate or are biased. Treat all the same, or we are all to blame.

Shame on you. Someone tries to abandon the racist diatribe, and you try to pull them back in? You 8767 re the problem, not the solution.

Quite the opposite. I would put money on this rapist being Christian. Accepting dogma doesn 8767 t automatically render you incapable of hurting others.

and anyone who is reading this know that this guy is 8775 law enforcement 8776 and he calls me on my phone to harass me. I would love to shoot a dirty cop dead, please come to my house and start some trouble. You are playing with fire boy. I will kill you if you come to my house starting trouble with me do you understand. so either shut up or put up, I could call the cops on you for harassment but I never call the cops, You are walking a thin line between life and death pal.

I am born and bred legal but I tow a hard line and I AM FOREVER TIRED OF THIS BS.
8775 If were King of the Forreeeessssst 8776 he would get his arms cut off. Try to shoot somebody then How ya like me Now?
Bet murderers, rapists, robbers and abusers would More Than Think Twice if they knew they would have to Eat With Their Feet For the Rest of Their Lives.
Cruel and unusual punishment? NOT!
Protect the Public AND
Put all that saved $$ into things for the Common Good of the Nation.
No Mercy for those who Show No Mercy.

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