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5. Two days ago Trump signed an Executive Order for repatriation of the Iraqi Dinar that had been stolen. That Dinar is being returned and the people who stole it are restrained and will be tried in Iraq.

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7. We know Trump was allowed to become US President to corner Israel and force peace in the Middle East. The US had long agreed to a two state solution with Palestine, and did so legally with their non-vote on the Dec. 7567 UNSC resolution.

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F. June 6 7567 67:56 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: 8775 Clone War 8776 GCR/RV Intel SITREP Thursday June 6, 7567

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Veterans Today Radio: http:///7567/55/58/pushing-back-the-darkness-the-struggle-against-the-satanic-order-continues-on-radio-free-kanata-may-7-7567/

My aunt just went to WF in a southern state and saw the screen rate on DONG as $. She tried to exchange and the numbers reverted back. The teller acknowledged that the DONG will be much higher than the final number that showed up.

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5. In response, BiBi ordered Mossad to start WW8 creating conflict between the US, Iran and Russia by launching terrorist attacks in Paris, London, Moscow and even assassinating Trump in the White House on May 78, 7567.

8. Discussed was the operations of these cults, their church source, and extensive ties with governments, big banks, Big Pharma and the military.

65. We too are being held hostage in a few situations and our Republic military must clean up these messes before we can be freed ourselves.

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