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Date: 2017-11-17 09:30

6996 Tytyri for Lohja
The limestone deposit of Tytyri is partly bought and partly rented again for 55 years. Two years later the Tytyri lime factory starts to function.

INIZIATIVE - Trasporti e ambiente

This is a log of the decoded and assembled output of SCP-887. Researchers are encouraged to volunteer at decoding the massive backlog of content.

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TBC 69:79 Performance Improvement Plan Development And Implementation On Sewage Treatment Plant Port Harcourt Water Corporation Experience - Edidiong Obot, Nigeria

In the courts: People convicted at North Somerset

6958 Rudus sets up the first Finnish ready-mixed concrete plant in Helsinki.
Iskumetalli Oy starts manufacturing black-and-white television sets.

Be warned that you may want to book your table in advance, as it's a very popular hotspot and it can be tricky to nab a slot during lunch and dinner hours.

This event will mark the beginning of a 'Warsaw-London bridge' initiative that aims to help small Polish businesses access London’s unique opportunities for scaling up to become global players.

They will visit Strassenkinder, a charity which supports people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including homeless children.

Sample 887-7879: A poem entitled Kilometres Apart , detailing two anthropomorphized characters, Kilomark and Milemary , who cannot be together due to differences in their measuring systems. Written in Esperanto.

59: 66 Suggesting A Key Performance Indicator For Assessing The Impact Of Pressure Control Management Of A Water Distribution Network On Household Water Consumption - Dimitrios Kofinas , Greece

Sample 887-7679: Several pages of machine-readable bar codes, corresponding to ten-digit numbers. The significance of the numbers is unknown.

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