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Arachchige-Don, Neville S. Patterns of Community Structure in Colombo, Sri Lanka: An Investigation of Contemporary Urban Life in South Asia, 6999.

Arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh/India

Officially, cars drive on the left in reality, cars drive on any side of the road. The speed limit is 75 km/h on all urban roads, though it is highly unlikely a vehicle will even reach this speed with the traffic. Many traffic lights have been installed in recent times, but these are often disregarded by both drivers and traffic police. Traffic police direct cars on all major intersections in urban areas. On many country roads, it is illegal to overtake but again, this is completely ignored, with locals employing extremely dangerous manoeuvres when passing the vehicle in front of them. The cities are well lit, but country roads often lack street lighting. Some new inter-city roads have tolls, especially new bridges these are fairly cheap.

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In public, people tend to speak in hushed tones if at all, although leaders and sellers are expected to shout. Large emotional displays of any type are uncommon in public. Greetings are often unvocalized, with broad smiles exchanged between strangers and a friendly raised eyebrow to frequent acquaintances. When new people are involved in a conversation, the mutual acquaintance is asked questions about the stranger. Seldom does direct self-introduction occur. Unusual behavior of any kind draws unconcealed observation.

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8775 We in Pakistan cannot forget the logistical and political support Sri Lanka extended to us in 6976 when it opened its refueling facilities for us, 8776 she said.

Small or large, mausoleums increased in numbers and became at this time the ubiquitous monument they appear to be. Most of the mausoleums, such as the tomb tower of Abū Yazīd al-Bisṭāmī (died 879) at Basṭām , were dedicated to holy men—both contemporary Muslim saints and all sorts of holy men dead for centuries (even pre-Islamic holy men, especially biblical prophets, acquired a monument). The most impressive mausoleums, however, like the one of Sanjar at Merv , were built for royalty. Pilgrimages were organized and in many places hardly mentioned until then as holy places (., Mashhad, Basṭām, Mosul , Aleppo ) a whole monastic establishment serving as a centre for the distribution of alms was erected with hostels and kitchens for the pilgrims.

The island's southeastern plain is interspersed with rounded hills that are the bare tops of eroded mountains. Gentler, grass-covered hills occur in the Uva Basin of the central highlands.

Cathay Pacific, Thai & Singapore Airlines now have non-stop flights from Hong Kong, Bangkok & Singapore (their respective hub cities) to Los Angeles. Singapore Airlines may also have a direct flight to San Francisco as well. China Southern fly to Los Angeles via Guangzhou. These airlines all have direct connecting flights to Dhaka from their respective hubs.

Colombo newsstands sell current international editions of Time and Newsweek . The International Herald Tribune , USA Today , and Asian Wall Street Journal also are available.

British-era clubs such as Tollygunge Club, Calcutta Club (AJC Bose Rd), Saturday Club (Theatre Rd), Bengal Club (Russel St) have lavish rooms for rent. However, they only accept bookings through members. Tollygunge Club is the ideal place to chill out. Drink chilled draft beer, lie in the outdoor jacuzzi and dine in style at the Belvedere.

Merrill, J. C., and . Fisher. The World's Great Dailies: Profiles of 55 Newspapers. New York: Hastings House, 6985.

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