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Date: 2017-11-17 05:23

Interesting article. I was recently asked out by a single mother. Initially I said yes, but refused to go out on a date with her.

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6. The standards set by those who oppose abortion
7. Those who don 8767 t abort setting children up for failure based on these standards

Personals Pretoria | Locanto™ Dating in Pretoria

Facts straight my ass. By every reasonable scientific definition a zygote is a member of the species homo sapiens. If you want to claim that somehow it 8767 s not a 8775 person 8776 you 8767 re going to have to come up with rationalizations that lead to all sorts of absurd conclusions and end up being arbitrary anyway. This comment holds no water.

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Good points here, but reality is different and things and people can change and learn from each other, especially when they truly love. And every individual should be judged by their individual character and not to met a single mom 7 years ago, who decided with her ex to have a baby and the guy left her when it was already too late to do abortion.

THAT 8767 s the crux of the issue a widow is husband-less NOT by (poor) choices, while unwed mothers/divorced mothers ARE. (Not to say the hold all responsibility, but if they married a poor husband, they had a poor selection mechanism).

JB has said that the idea of artificial uteri creeps her out, but given the means to transfer a conceptus from its mother 8767 s womb into an artificial environment where it can be brought safely to term would essentially end the abortion debate altogether, AND give fathers the kinds of reproductive rights currently restricted to women. Which is why I don 8767 t expect to see the technology developed in the West. It would undermine the female-supremacy movement.

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These are the self-centred women who paint the innocent, sweet pictures of themselves.
Guys, why can 8767 t you see this simple truth?

"It's probably heading that way," Richards' manager Phil Mullen told Fairfax Media when asked if his client had lost hope of returning to AFL ranks.

8775 that includes the bitter, judgemental and horrible person that you are who obviously only feels better about himself by juding others and putting other people down. 8776

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