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AS tells NT's how difficult relationships are

Date: 2017-11-16 15:22

Why devote so much time to fisking writings which are obviously just a government forgery? Unless maybe you yourself are part of the illuminati lizard people, and trying to convince us otherwise?? Truth!!66!

AClose Examination Of Elliot Rodger’s Twisted Manifesto

Like I said, often the choice they re making is a good one (though I d disagree that the choice is truly between feeding their kids and getting a bus pass), but that doesn t mean it s not a choice.

RDOS operating system and the Neanderthal theory

The biggest issue I take with this article is the fact that it glossed over the unsavory parts of the fandom. Every MLP thread I 8767 ve seen on /co/ is riddled with porn fic and art. I don 8767 t care if regulat people like this show, but Bronies themselves are [comment edited for rudeness].

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The word game is found 89 times – overwhelmingly pertaining to Rodger’s penchant of video games.

I 8767 ve been feeling so sad about my most recent ending but now I starting to see it as a blessing, in that I can heal my wounds from childhood and be with a man who can actually be present, which is what I want so much. Thank you so much for this post Natalie!

Weight is one of those things that self improvement stumbles over because there is a limit to how much diet and exercise can change basic body type and it is almost impossible for those not built like supermodels to diet and exercise their way into that build. However, there is an entire industry devoted to selling the idea that it is possible.

That doesn 8767 t mean that my time was  wasted. I learned a lot and achieved a life-long goal, even if it wasn 8767 t in the way or to the level I expected. But in the end I didn 8767 t want it enough to continue. I  chose that.

You can have a racial preference in terms of who you would like to live next to or date, however if you call people inferior, dirty, scum etc. for having a different racial background I think you can be called a racist bigot.

But I don 8767 t know, it 8767 s just incredibly charming. I only clicked on a random link to it out of curiosity and it totally won me over. It 8767 s just the most endearing show I 8767 ve ever seen. And my tastes in general skew towards ponderous, dialogue-light movies about the plight of Armenian grain farmers or whatever with lots of three minute panning shots of corn fields.

I get why it s potentially helpful for a certain kind of person to hear oh, you re just getting in your own way go put some more effort into it and I m sure you ll get it. For most people that s probably even true.

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