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Date: 2017-11-16 07:42

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What Are the Most Popular Emojis Used on Social Media?

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One of the top five most popular names - The United States

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There are lots of different emojis to help spice up your bland messages, but really only a handful are favored by the masses, among the rest. Can you guess which ones they might be?

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Any of the red/pink hearts, face with tears of joy, ​and smiling face with heart-shaped eyes almost always dominate the top spots. This could change over time, especially as additional emoji are introduced and embraced by more platforms around the web.

Interesting how Twitter s number one most used emoji is actually Facebook s 65th most used emoji, don t you think?

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According to a survey of American pet owners, more households have a Fido than any other furry (or not so furry) friend. By sheer numbers of each actual pet though, there are more Nemos swimming in American fish tanks (as people generally keep more than one fish) and more cats than dogs (as there are more multi-cat homes than multi-dog homes).

Happy face emoji account for about 99 percent of all that are used, followed by sad faces at 69 percent, hearts at 68 percent, hand gestures at 5 percent, and the rest at very small percentages. French happened to be the only language where its top emoji was a heart and not a smiley face.

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