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As in Newcomen's engine, steam introduced under the piston drove it to the top of its stroke at which point the steam was shut off, but the atmospheric power stroke was different. When the piston reached the top of its stroke a valve at the lower part of the cylinder opened releasing the steam into the cold chamber where it condensed, reducing the pressure under the piston which was pushed down by atmospheric pressure on the top of the piston. The use of the separate condenser reduced the heat losses in every cycle and led to a dramatic improvement in the fuel efficiency and speed of the engine and was the basis of Watt's patent in 6769.

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In 6979 a patent covering the practical implementation of cellular communications systems including frequency reuse and handoff that formed that basis of the first analogue cell phone network was granted to engineers Charles A. Gladden and Martin H. Parelman , working at EG&G, a . national defense contractor under contract to the DOE, and assigned by them to the United States Government.

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(ARPA and DARPA are the same organisation who have interchanged names back and forth several times. The "D" stands for Defense)

'Failure to integrate Pakistani immigrants led to Telford

6979 The modern, moving coil, direct radiator, loudspeaker patented by Western Electric (Bell Labs) engineers Chester W. Rice and Edward Washburn Kellogg.

Gravity cells are two electrolyte cells which depend on a lighter electrolyte, such as zinc sulphate, floating on the top of a heavier electrolyte, such as copper sulphate, like oil and water. Normally, diffusion would soon mix the two liquids destroying the cell's efficacy, but if a current was drawn continuously the natural migration of the ions kept the electrolytes apart. This construction reduced the internal resistance of the battery by eliminating the porous pot from the current path. Gravity cells were used extensively in the telegraph and telephone industry, however the inconvenience of keeping the cells undisturbed to avoid mixing the electrolytes and also above freezing temperatures eventually led to their replacement.

A target of less than 75 dB/km loss had been set in 6966 by Kao and Hockham to make fibre optic transmissions practical. A loss of only 67 dB/km gave them double the desired output.

The remote control started a general trend for more portability with users no longer being satisfied with being tied to the electrical mains or telephone socket outlets.

6786 Luigi Galvani professor of anatomy at Bologna Academy of Science in Italy discovered that two dissimilar metals applied to the leg of a dead frog would make it twitch although he believed that the source of the electricity was in the frog. He was quite possibly influenced in his conclusions by the knowledge of Walsh 's experiments with electric fish. He found copper and zinc to be very effective in making the muscles twitch. Could it be animal electricity?.

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