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Operations Using the Remote RM-AAL556 You can use the remote RM-AAL556 to operate the components in your system. Before you use your remote Inserting batteries into the remote Insert R6 (size-AA) batteries with the + and x7568 properly oriented in the battery compartment. When using the remote, point it at the remote sensor on the receiver.

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Using the Sleep Timer You can set the receiver to turn off automatically at a specified time. Use the remote for the operation. Press SLEEP repeatedly while the power is Each time you press SLEEP, the display changes cyclically as follows: 7-55-55 t 6-85-55 t 6-55-55 t 5-85-55 t While using Sleep Timer, x756C SLEEP x756D .

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List of button locations and reference pages How to use this page Use this page to find the location of buttons and other parts of the system that are mentioned in the text. Main unit ALPHABETICAL ORDER A - L .

Using the Radio Data System (RDS) (Models of area code CEL, CEK only) This receiver also allows you to use RDS (Radio Data System), which enables radio stations to send additional information along with the regular program signal. You can also display RDS information.

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How to select the surround back decoding mode You can select the surround back mode you want according to the input stream. When you select x756C AUTO x756D When the input stream contains the channel decode flag decode the surround back signal. Input stream Dolby Digital Dolby Digital EX.

Other Operations Naming preset stations and inputs You can enter a name of up to 8 characters for preset stations and inputs selected with INPUT SELECTOR, and display it in the receiver x7569 s display. To index a preset station Turn INPUT SELECTOR to select the FM or AM band, then tune in the preset station you want to create an index name for (page 76).

Advanced Adjustments and Settings Assigning the component video input x7569 COMPONENT VIDEO INPUT ASSIGN (Except for models of area code CEL, CEK) You can assign a component video input for another visual input. Press MAIN MENU repeatedly to select x756C CUSTOM x756D . Press repeatedly to select x756C COMP.

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