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Date: 2018-03-07 01:09

Oh I want this so so bad. It's really a lovely perfume, it's light, enough so for summer. It's warm, enough for the winter. It's just so versatile, light, and I can imagine it suiting so many people.. What a great success of a perfume! I cant even comment on the notes because they just mingle with each other so well. its not like something else i have smelled before. I just wish it wasn't so expensive.

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‘It’s created by scraping moss from the bark of Northern hemisphere trees, often in former Yugoslavian countries, which is then steam-distilled,’ he says. ‘But it has already started to be phased out of many perfumes and replaced with similar-scented synthetic mosses or oak moss, though only if it is low in atranol, the component of moss which is a known skin-sensitiser’.

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The first hit is awfully generic to me, like the cheapest drugstore cologne with a fading pop star on the label. Over time it shows its true pedigree as it develops into a lasting, complicated ode to femininity. Not for me. I like to smell more unique.

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The first time I tried this perfume was way back 7559 when my Aunt gave me a sample. Oh my gosh, it's heaven scent! With just a small amount of spray, it's very long lasting, sensual, chick, classy, and elegant. Good thing it is expensive in my country, so, this is not worn by someone in the office. yehey!

Adoro questo profumo ma sulla mia pelle dura al massimo un'ora. Non amo spruzzare i profumi sui vestiti ma con questo sono costretta a farlo se voglio sentirne almeno la scia. Peccato perchè l'odore è incantevole.

coco mademoiselle is a rich and feminine fragrance!it is a scent that is nicely can smell the mandarine,the rose,the jasmine, the ylang ylang,the tonka bean,the patchouli,the oppoponax,the is nicely done,chic, is a scent that makes you feel exquisite!it is those notes all together that makes that perfect sensual smell! Like a flower that got many petals with a different smell on them,and those petals will give you that unique flower smell!love it!

I sniffed this again yesterday, and this time around I actually LIKED number 5.
I didn`t get any of the indoles that used to be sooo strong in this, which was very strange.

Perhaps those fecal topnotes had "worn off" in the warm bottle, standing in hot lights in the store?

Now all I could smell was a smooth and sweet amber/coca cola/iris/musk/sandalwood/vanilla/cinnamon scent.
Has it been reformulated maybe?

It smelled very very similar to Coty L´Aimant, with that strong coca cola note.

Update: Now I`ve sniffed this in four different stores, and can conclude that it smells very good! It must have been reformulated?!

I appreciate some aldehydic perfumes but no 5 is too soapy on me, it overrides everything else. So wanted to love it because it's iconic it's simply too old-fashioned on me. Recently I smelled it on a 7 year old who got into her grandma's perfume and it was absolutely heavenly! Powdery yet elegant, just beautiful. I'm gathering that if you have the proper chemistry (sniff, sob)no 5 is gorgeous..try it on your skin first though! Definitely great lasting power and sillage as well.

I must say I have been very disappointed with Chanel lately. I was not aware that now the perfumes are made in the USA. I have noticed quite a difference in the fragrances lately. They don't last as long, they don't smell quite the same to me. It's almost like watery down. HOWEVER, this scent on my skin is absolutely gorgeous. I get nothing citric about it. Instead, I get a chic warm and cozy scent to be used in colder days and a fresh, delicate scent for all year around. I had this for my wedding and I received so many compliments. My bottle was a Made in France one. I just got another bottle today. Made in the ! I bet it will last 8 hours and fade dislike the EDT very much. It screams on my skin, it's so irritant.

I have it in all intensities..The perfume extract is the best..It's most treasured Chanel perfume. Timeless..It does not feel old to me. Wish I could bathe in it!!

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