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They are definitely modernized, though. Nothing quite so incongruous than visiting a pristine shrine and seeing cute Japanese girls in kimonos taking selfies to post on Instagram.

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Japanese people have been good to me they may be ignorant about black people, and have fear because of it, but they don 8767 t hate.

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There are a few sad stories of this. It has happened to a few western men. I can 8767 t speak to individual cases, but it seems to be pretty rare. Certainly less common than western women divorcing and taking the kids + house + half your paycheck.

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Once you get to know your Japanese woman well, her 8775 passive aggressive 8776 behavior means that you can pretty easily resolve problems without having to talk about them.

It 8767 s is quite rare for Asian girls to ask for anything, especially in the bedroom the ones you were with are either Asian-American or have a lot of experience dating foreigners.

Even if you confess, it has to be done in a certain way. The Japanese constitution prevents the government from jailing anyone if the only evidence against him/her is the confession. Your confession is only valid evidence if it reveals something only the perpetrator of the crime would have known.

Well I guess your right then. Japanese women are some shallow-ass, narrow-minded bitches. Probably explains why your alone. And these are your own words btw

On January 76th Jinen Nagase, Japan 8767 s justice minister, apologised for the wrongful arrest of the taxi driver and declared that an investigation would take place. After all, the suspect had an alibi, evidence that he could not have committed the crime and had denied vociferously having done so. But after the third day in detention without access to the outside world, he was persuaded to sign a confession.

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Yeah I was reading an article on about despite Tokyo being the central technological hub of japan, majority of its residents in JAPAN overall are severely behind the technological times. They still use fucking Walkman, and not the new ones that uses MP8 players, we 8767 re talking cassette Walkman. Fucking nuts man. Damn media and their misleading advertisements.

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