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To read some funny extract from polyphasic blogs, see: Polyphasic sleep: Myths and Facts : Excerpts from polyphasic sleep blogs

Lyrics for Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

REM deficit debt in amount of REM sleep obtained. This debt must be paid as soon as possible, but usually after NREM sleep debt is paid

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Circadian graph shows that the favorite sleep initiation hour is the 65th from arising and it results in 5 hours of sleep on average. As waking comes close to the circadian acrophase , wakefulness cannot last long due to a rapidly ascending circadian sleepiness. The second bout of sleep then follows in the 76st hour and lasts 8 hours on average. Thus the sleep is segmented into a 5 hour long pre-sleep and 8 hour long "correction".

Good sleep, good learning, good life

Adenosine agonists are also able to activate the VLPO (Scammell et al. 7556 [98] ). It has been hypothesized that adenosine inhibits anterior hypothalamic and basal forebrain GABAergic neurons that suppress the activity in the VLPO.

Vertes and Siegel write: " Although we find the notion of enhancement to be counterintuitive (improvements in learning with the mere passage of time), the question arises regarding the contribution of ‘enhancement’, compared to practice on tasks, to overall improvements on them. [.] My guess is that sleep contributes very little ".

From my own experience: I´m an American, born and raised in Germany with near native-English skills, trying to learn Japanese. It´s hard learning Japanese outside of Japan for me without actually studying it as a major. The tandemservice I used only came up with one Japanese woman for me to practice with, whose German is waaay better than my Japanese. So most of the time, we speak German. It helped me practice really basic stuff, but I´m just not getting anywhere with my Japanese (lack of money prevents me from taking classes at private language schools and the classes at the university are too easy).

A very powerful entrance to a song to one powerful chords of Jovit. Hari ng mga Hari, Dios ng mga Dios. Ang Iyong pangalan ang una at huli… this songs says everything about our God Almighty.

When I was in the US, I was friends with the girlfriend of one of my students. We set up a language exchange where she would teach me Chinese and we would have English conversation for about one hour per language. The reality was that most of the time during the lesson we were using English. It didn 8767 t matter that much though. Oddly enough, when she and I were alone together or if we went out on a double date, we would often speak to each other in Japanese. Her English was the stronger of the language choices, but to for a chance to practice Japanese and to put us on equal linguistic footing, we enjoyed using Japanese. In addition, it meant we could talk about what we wanted to without my husband or her boyfriend understanding.

Jenny and I have never had a power struggle because neither of us feel a strong need to practice English or Chinese. She can practice English as much as she wants with dozens of her friends, and I can do the same with Chinese, so neither of us have this pent-up 8775 NEED TO PRACTICE 8776 urgency.

Too few people realize how important sleep is! The alarm clock is an often-used fixture in an overwhelming majority of households of the modern world. By using electric lighting, alarm clocks, sleeping pills, and shift-work, we have wreaked havoc on the process of sleep.

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