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Date: 2018-02-06 12:01

Are you implying that Japanese girls only look sexy, but aren 8767 t actually into sex? Next you 8767 ll tell me the Emperor isn 8767 t God.

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When it comes to being treated like a normal adult in society, though again, the you are, probably the better. You know, when the boss introduces the office staff by their last names and everyone bows silently and then turns to you and says 8775 Oh, and I forgot, here 8767 s Kenny, 8776 and suddenly everyone holds up two hands and says 8775 Hello! 8776 Eh, I guess maybe if you were like five, that 8767 d be okay.

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So then back to the States. Now, I 8767 m probably the only English teacher in all of Japan whose childhood dream it was to be an English teacher, but that 8767 s the truth. I majored in it in college and in something similar in grad school. So I realized if I went to Japan, I could live that dream, plus eat a lot of delicious food in the process.

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However back to the topic at hand and hype about Japan, good example about Texas and Arkansas, one has it the other does not. Well my opinion is that people come with expectations (the hype) and see Japan through those coloured glasses and then continue to regurgitate the hype.

I must agree that I don 8767 t see so many couples of a western man and a Japanese woman. It is good to keep in mind, that if a single man comes to Japan, and finds a girlfriend, she 8767 s likely to be Japanese? Why? Because they are the majority, and without any discrimination, it 8767 s rather unlikely to find a girlfriend of other nationality from here assuming that one is not 8775 keeping with his own kind 8776 .

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As for your love of Asian women, I 8767 d say you 8767 re not alone in that. But from what I 8767 ve seen, there 8767 s a pretty effective remedy for that, called marriage. Seems virtually guaranteed to cure you.

The second part is that, naturally, what 8767 s important in, say, the . isn 8767 t necessarily important in Japan. For example, in the ., one 8767 s political affiliation could be massively important. Just stating whether or not you support Barack Obama could erupt in a bar fight. I don 8767 t believe politics are that important to most Japanese people. On the other hand, age, marital status, and your profession all seem to be a big deal here.

Very happy with the site, you guys are wonderful, thanks for all you did. We are so happy that we found each other!

One thing I realised while reading everyones thoughts, is that I get asked a lot if I was into mangas or Japanese women as if there wouldn 8767 t be another reason to come to Japan! When I say that there are plenty of reasons, for instance food, culture, budo or simply the joy of speaking Japanese. I get very surprised reactions. Is it so uncommon to come for other reasons? I also get incomprehension and doubtful looks when I tell them that I find more similarities than differences when I think of French and Japanese culture or German and Japanese culture for that fact.