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Date: 2018-02-04 12:01

I checked on the internet: before a mob of ideologically inebriated rioters, Muslim fundamentalist leaders were delivering a passionate speech, in which they were spilling the beans of my Aurangabad travel. Every secret little nugget of information was out there, being tossed around by the hardliners. They would teach me what the Ajanta-Ellora caves were really like. The leaders were telling their minions that they had ensured that cops prevented me from stepping out of the airport and entering Aurangabad.


I can sum it up in one word-FEMINISM. It was the mistake of certain limp-wrested effete men that have caused this unmitigated disaster to take form we have to take our balls back they 8767 re only women for God 8767 s sake and we know they are the inferior sex.

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Malayalam actress assault case: Dileep is unwell in the

I am sorry to inform you but you have been brainwashed in believing that a career is more or equally important than being a mother and a house keeper. This is what modern society is pushing with are countless reasons that supports the opposite. Do your research and reconsider

Most latin countries have a certain leftist bent. I think it just comes from native ideology. You might try out colombia too. Most travelers love their attitudes.

8775 People should be allowed to do whatever they want, not be forced into stereotypes because society says so. 8776 Most men (even on this site) don 8767 t want to force women into the kitchen, they just 6) Want a women who likes being in the kitchen, and 7) feel society needs to stop it 8767 s propagandization of women in the workplace. If there wasn 8767 t this propaganda, the vast majority of women wouldn 8767 t work.

The officer thought for a while. He had the Air India crew put me back on the very plane by which I had come from Delhi a little while back only, the flight was now on its way to Mumbai. I must board the plane, I was told. I was taken to the Air India ticket counter.

Who am I? I don’t have a political party, or an organisation, or the support of the intelligentsia. Public intellectuals are now opportunistic spokespersons of one or another political party. My existence in India is a tale of utter and absolute solitude. I don’t have anything or anyone to fall back on but my ideals and my beliefs.

Plz do write an article.
Folks over there at TheRedPill suggest 8775 Think As You Like But Behave Like Others 8776 .
I have always had a difference of opinion with them.
Plus being on the sigma side allows me to take certain liberties.
Although there are times I would calibrate depending on the context of the situation.

ubiquitous loose cotton waist coat and deeply absorbed in the world of books. This simple and unassuming man was a voracious reader books lay scattered everywhere-on his bed , table , chairs , floor , on the strawmats……. 8767 You read so much ? Aren 8767 t you bored of them? Kalyani had once asked him.

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