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Cherry blossom in Japan: everything you need to know to

Date: 2017-11-18 21:35

I only like the dry down..the top notes is too powdery..make my nose itch..however the dry down is sweet and not bad..not great either..ill pass for now..not worth the price tag

Japanese cherry blossom: 2014 festival and viewing guide

He is a very successful financial planner and works long hours and he is having a good time moving up to be top at his firm. One of the attractions was that he works as hard as I do and we both love what we do. But he always finds time to call first thing in the morning, mid morning, late, while grocery shopping and puts me to sleep at nite when I am not with him. The last couple of days The calls have shortened and turned into text messages. Some of our mutual friends say that is what he does while in his work zone.

Monuments of the Tidal Basin // DC Cherry Blossoms

Love love love this soft, delicate gourmand fragrance. I'm usually quite sensitive and can't wear perfume, but I can wear this because although it lasts a long time, it's not overpowering. I can't stop smelling my wrists, which is quite amazing considering I used to run a mile whenever anyone had perfume on. I have two sons, who think I smell wonderful, which, mums, if you like hugs, is great! :) Oh, I'm I certainly don't think I'm too old for this fragrance because the base notes balance out the sweetness just enough. Well done D& G!

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She has no kids and I don 8767 t want them. Please don 8767 t give me that crap about me wanting them later. I like kids, but not everyone WANTS their own. People with kids or who want them can 8767 t believe anyone wouldn 8767 t. Get off our backs, ok? Some of us are perfectly content not to have them. Not everyone wants what you want. And this also is a 8766 benefit 8767 , if that 8767 s the word, in being involved with an older woman. She 8767 s made most of Life 8767 s Big Decisions already and OK with them.

Normally, food scents aren't my style at all. Most of the gourmand scents have me turning up my nose and rejecting them completely. This, soft sweetness of the marshmallow and vanilla are so gently feminine that I can't help but love it. The berry and citrus are just hints on me, rather than making a strong contribution to the scent, and that's fine with me.

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I've had this perfume for a while and still like it. However, it doesn't have lasting power nor does the intense version. Also, I find that the rollerball has a weird cat pea and marshmallow scent. I still get compliments

I enjoy this the more I wear it. At first it was just marshmallows but this is a scent that lets you get to know it and discover its depth. It is all around a feel good scent. Easily addictive.

It. is. so. yummy !! Its all about it, pwdery, girly, sexy, yummy !!

It probably will be one of my fave, so perfect..

It's a feast of sweet perfume that has great length on me and very pleasantly surprised!
Wonderful journey of the senses, a wave of momentum, a dance-flavored WOMEN

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