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Date: 2018-01-10 22:54

You seem to be focusing on a very small segment and targeting minority men while ignoring what historically a much larger segment of white men do.

Dating Gay Porn @ Gay Male Tube

Newer statistics show that East Asian and SE Asian women respond most often to Black men. Get up to speed with your stats.

What It's Like Dating a White Guy as an Asian Girl

In the comparison given, the 8775 racial preferences 8776 are the same. You 8767 re just stating that the media company not hiring you because of your race is racist because you directly lose out. A media company could easily say that it 8767 s viewers or subscribers 8775 racially prefer attractive white anchors/reporters like Megyn Kelly, so why can 8767 t hire Asians like Jessica Lam. 8776

Deranged Sorority Girl Rebecca Martinson Has No Regrets

I matured, for the most part. Adam and I have been dating for over a year, and I 8767 ve learned that we are very much alike. Although we grew up with some very different traditions (my Chinese/Vietnamese heritage and his Canadian/Jewish heritage), we pretty much went through the same circumstances as Canadian children. I also went to Hong Kong last summer, and it really opened my eyes to my Chinese heritage.

You just cant admit that you are a part of the problem of 655:6 ratio of AF/WM as compared to AM/WF. Its not a preference, its a mental disorder at those ratio levels

So, by that statement do you think it 8767 s okay for white males to expect white women to only date within their own race?

This is just so hypocritical of you to do. Just call it what it is: your love of White men and hate of Asian men. At least then other people like me will give you some tiny ounce of respect that we may still have for girls like you. This is the reason why I do not date Westernized Asian girls anymore FOB Asian girls yes oher Western girls yes girls like you no.

Not surprised. You are literally one out of countless Asian women dating White men. You aren 8767 t helping yourself by trying to rationalize. We know what 8767 s really going on.

[ There is a difference between having yellow fever and simply being attracted to the physical features of people from a certain culture. ]

When did I say I ONLY hit on East Asian girls? The observation I described was applicable whenever I hit on such girls. Speaking of stereotypes, I see you 8767 ve been brainwashed by white-male dominated Hollywood. I 8767 m far removed from that machismo concept but you 8767 ve got that stereotype ingrained in your narrow view of non-white males (including your own!). I wonder how many of you think like that.

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