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Date: 2018-01-10 14:10

You need to be honest and just end it, prolonging will just make it more painful for her. The children thing could possibly be fixed, but not being in love with her cant, so just end it already!

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I can only think about us a day at a time and he said that is fine. And we are having a blast together! I have decided to think with my heart and stay out of my head this time.

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I guess you are right that 68 years is a very big difference and unlikely to go the full course. Gosh, I wish we had met 65 years ago he does seem to have all of the qualities I am looking for in a man.

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I never planned to be in love, at my age, with someone but it happened. 8775 We 8776 are in love, and that is all there is to tell. He has decided that he wants what we have together. He has been free to sojourn out in pursuit of happiness, and it is here he wants to be. People no longer influence him like before as he has, in earnest, found he has no reason not to be with me. Through it all, it has made our thing,the best thing either of us has ever wanted.

I love my cub even if he s only 9 years than me, I feel like I am the luckiest woman alive. He adores me and he really likes the attention and devotion I give him. He s very shy and quiet, and I think most girls his age overlook him, although he has a rockin body and the most lovely amber eyes like liquid maple syrup. He s been completely captivated with me and now we live together in a house we bought together. Other people say they see how happy he is. After a 75 year marriage and four kids that ended in a brutal divorce, it s just heaven for me to have his simplicity and sweetness instead of the nasty head games that men my age just can t live without.

I am completely flabbergasted by all of the women on here who are 95, 95, 55+ claiming to look like they are in their 75 s.

He is a very successful financial planner and works long hours and he is having a good time moving up to be top at his firm. One of the attractions was that he works as hard as I do and we both love what we do. But he always finds time to call first thing in the morning, mid morning, late, while grocery shopping and puts me to sleep at nite when I am not with him. The last couple of days The calls have shortened and turned into text messages. Some of our mutual friends say that is what he does while in his work zone.

Many issues here:
He doesnt know my age but does know that I am very successful.
He is an athlete and is being pursued by many females.
I am developing very very big feelings for him and it seems as though he is also starting to as well.
I eventually do want to settle down with a man and have a family.
Should I RUN not walk from this fatal attraction!
Is it possible it could go anywhere?
I do not remember feeling this way about anyone before. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

What bothers me the most is the fact that he s 69. I mean, you know, he s in his teens and I m so close to my thrities. That just sounds so bad, loving a guy who is not even in his twenties yet and I m already on my way out of my twenties.

I just dont know what do. im falling for him badly and i just dont want to get myself into something that will eventually end or fade away. Its too late to back out now as for its done, im falling and he fell.

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