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5Reasons Your Online Dating Profile Isn't Working

Date: 2017-11-18 10:56

I definitely agree with you to keep things mysterious but think getting some core things down are better than being super generic.

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I agree that women and men are not the same. But they should have equal rights and protection under the law (domestic violence used to be par for the course), equal ability to earn a living (we were forbidden by law from holding certain jobs), to vote (we were not allowed to vote), and to own property. Most often movements (like feminism) goes a bit too far on the other side of crazy to get to the sane sweet spot in between of all the 8775 equality 8776 we women have now, that you probably take for granted.

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Kudos on pulling this off with such a gentle and non-judgmental tone. It 8767 s so easy to get on a self-righteous high horse when it comes to this subject. When we speak the truth without love it mostly goes unheard, and I think you avoided that as much as is humanly possible.

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Dear MOA,

Thanks so much for your prompt and compassionate reply. I will try to be more careful without being too suspicious :-) from now on especially with people I meet online. But I will definitely take a break from dating of any kind for a while - this experience has really left a bad taste in my mouth, so to speak :- (

Hope you have a nice weekend - from a grateful Discouraged-but-at-peace One

6: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
7: organized activity on behalf of women 8767 s rights and interests

Hi. I am a 97 year old female, divorced for a little over 5 years. I am not looking for George Clooney. I am looking for an honest man, who is sweet and genuine, and who can make me laugh, and who has a heart open for love. Not all women are looking for the same things. I don 8767 t care about his income amount, all I care about is that he works obviously but the amount is not what matters to me. Just a few thoughts.

5. I think the quality of my marriage is much higher from us both having gone through online dating. There is a certain self-awareness and awareness of one 8767 s desires that it brings. Of course this is also colored by the fact that I was simply older and more self-aware at the time. But as I said in #7 online dating can accelerate this process. I know a lot of people that married their college significant other. Sometimes it still works. Sometimes it 8767 s obvious that if they met today, it would never happen. I would choose my way.

wow, I,m speechless, seriously if you look after yourself you can keep a very fit, glossy skinned body-eat in a certain way, you can look decades I know the info isn,t readily available. Its really having a joy for life period, a bucket list- some glow with passion from life- at any age you get negative types etc -if you glow you are like a magnet, at any age you light up a room

Please help me understand why an adult woman would want her father involved with a guy who asks her out on a first date?? He 8775 knows your heart? 8776 You 8767 re just getting a cup of coffee or dinner!!

I AM FULLY RETIRED now so may sell my home and travel since dating has been a real waste of time and a whole lot of money for me for the last 65 years. I just have to change from the hopeless romantic type. Looking forward to being the 8775 lone wolf 8776 once more.

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