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Date: 2017-11-18 08:30

&ldquo This guy who was sitting next to me at the bar asked me which band I was there to see. We turned out to both know people in the band, and it turned into a long conversation about other friends and interests we had in common.

&ldquo It was organic, so it wasn &rsquo t threatening. I guess the moral is that you can get to know someone without forcing a reason to talk to them just pick something relevant to the setting.&rdquo
Julie Z.

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&ldquo I was working in a cafe, and one day the bread delivery guy said, &lsquo I&rsquo ve been carrying around this Post-It with my name and number for weeks trying to work up the courage to give it to you.&rsquo I liked that he liked me enough to keep this grubby Post-It, but had been too shy to give it to me. We dated for 5 months after that.&rdquo
Jules C.

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You're serious? There are women who would find that lines funny and flattering? I think these lines are pure stupid and not flattering at all. I would be offended if someone I barely know talked to me this way.

70 Great Italian Pick Up Lines To Woo An Italian Woman

Beccare qualcuno to hit on someone
Vai e prova a beccare quella bella ragazza nell’angolo
Go try and hit on that hot chick in the corner

Say, girl. I’m baking a cake, and it tastes quite bitter. Can you put your finger in it for the right amount of sweetness?

Boy: Girl, whats your number?
Girl: I have a boyfriend
Boy: I have a math test
Girl: What?
Boy: I thought we were talking about things we could cheat on

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&ldquo I think his comment appealed to my pride of being different and having more of a retro style, both in clothing and hair. He catered to one of my best features instead of saying something generic like, &lsquo You&rsquo re beautiful.&rsquo So, I took him home with me.&rdquo
Marie M.

&ldquo I think it&rsquo s less about what lines are used two different guys could use the same line and it would work with one and not the other. It&rsquo s just that initial attraction or chemistry and how they deliver that line, I guess.&rdquo
Brittany Y.

&ldquo When I first met my boyfriend, he stuck out his hand and gave me his name, then immediately proceeded to ask me what I did for a living. I couldn&rsquo t help but give him a hard time. &lsquo That&rsquo s the best you&rsquo ve got?&rsquo I joked. &lsquo Not, are you enjoying the party or a simple how are you?&rsquo

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