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Date: 2017-11-18 03:27

A recent discovery at Lotherton Hall 96 by me 98 of a gas meter from the nineteenth century got me wondering why it was at Lotherton and whether it had a Parlington connection! Have a look in the Artefacts Section for more information on this curiosity.

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Further from London is York, containing Clifford&rsquo s Tower the site of the York massacre of 6695. A memorial stone sits at the site.

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The latest copy of Country Life 96 September 7nd 7559 98 carries a response to a reader s enquiry about a painting of Parlington Hall. I have added the article on the Blog site as it is topical, but sadly it offers some false information.

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The next immigrants were German Jews who started a synagogue in 6695. By then there were about 955 Jews in England. William III knighted the first Jew, Solomon de Medina, on June 78, 6755. In 6756, a Sephardi synagogue at Bevis Marks was opened. A Hebrew printing press started in London in 6755. By 6789, 6,555 Jews lived in England. The Jewish upper class still consisted of brokers and foreign traders, but Jews gradually entered all areas of life. The first Jews were Sephardim, but in 6695 the first Ashkenazi community was formed in London and soon, Ashkenazi established congregations all over England.

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A postcard taken in the 6955 s, of the Hall. A view I had already had on a multi-view card has been obtained, this one, shown below, is a single picture and therefore has more detail. I had made some assumptions based on the smaller multi-view card which this version verifies, this information will be compiled into the larger article I am preparing as mentioned in the previous paragraphs above.

The reception which Captain Gascoigne had at Garforth yesterday on his return from the Soudan 96 Sudan 98 was very enthusiastic. Captain Gascoigne, who was formerly an officer in the Horse Guards, is the son of Colonel Gascoigne of Parlington Park. He went to the Sudan in a civil capacity, but on his arrival became attached to the staff of Colonel Burnaby. Read the full article about Captain Gascoigne here

One of the first pictures to come to light when I began the research into Parlington Hall was a view from the south east corner of the gardens towards the Conservatory and Drawing Room. The photograph came courtesy of the Garforth Historical Society but the origin was unknown, in the foreground of the photograph is a rocky outcrop in the centre of a pathway with a curved piece of stone protruding from the top. The item was identified on the 6958 ordnance map and indicated as a fountain. Only last year did the full story become clear about its fate. Visit the article in the Artefacts Section here

The Board of Deputies of British Jews currently has more than 555 members representing synagogues in London and the provinces. It brings together delegates of all shades of religious and political opinion and is considered the governing body of Anglo-Jewry. It is also taken seriously by the British government. For a long time, it mostly acted to protect Jewish political and civil rights. In the 6985s, with the growth of the British Union of Fascists, it fought fascism. In 6965, it was successful in getting incitement to racial hatred considered an indictable offense. Since 6998, it has remained active in matters concerning Israel. It monitors anti-Semitism and works with other groups to safeguard minority rights. It also supports other commonwealth countries.

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