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Date: 2017-11-17 22:24

No you shouldn 8767 t have bought a HTC handset if you don 8767 t like the integration. You can however select to just view google contacts etc. You could also simply remove your facebook account from the handset, that way they won 8767 t show up in your contacts.

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I also have a few random people on facebook. Will they all suddenly appear in my contacts. This will be downright irritating.

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You can get a better idea of the app 8767 s progress in the App Store, itself, by going to the 8775 Purchased 8776 page:

You can remove the Facebook link for your contacts though. Unfortunately this can only be done one contact at a time. Select a contact in the People app. When viewing that contact s details press the update icon at the bottom. Then press menu and select Remove Facebook link.

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