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Until mainstream online dating sites catch up on colorblindness, many experts say that black women have more success on sites like Meld , BlackPeopleMeet or other sites designed for black people and the people interested in dating them.

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I agree Finn. I spent 7 years with a Mormon and couldn't adjust to religious differences, though I gave it a fair shot. We romantically fell in love. His faith put tremendous pressure on us to start a family, and after we married, I found out I couldn't have children based on health reasons. That was the beginning of the end. It was heart-rending. On a dating site I can see when having kids is a deal-breaker for a perspective mate.

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there's nothing objective about the issues facing women vs men.
today you can filter rude messages, so women don't actually need to look at the "creepy" ones.

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BTW men and women, we all make our own decisions. Accept the outcomes (no pun intended) as your own. learn from there by not making the mistakes twice. Easier said than done, I know.

Dirty talk should be subtle and sexy, like an aphrodisiac. Compliment her. Tell her what you love about her, how beautiful she is, and how she turns you on. Don t go overboard with obscene words

#7 -- Statistically speaking, guys are generally atrocious when it comes to words. Many of them couldn't express emotion in the form of text if their lives depended on it.

I think the anger from both men and women in this thread boils down to that. 99% of people on dating sites are overly focused on looks and are extremely superficial. If you're not, then man or woman, I don't think your experience at dating sites is going to be very positive unless you are exceedingly lucky and find a guy who feels the same way you do.

Thank you for sharing your insight and reasoning behind your disinterest in online dating. In regards to myself I have done a lot of work to understand the world in my own fashion as opposed to what I was taught. My dating profile is quite lengthy and is intended to share who I am as a human being in hopes of finding someone that has done similar work. What I have shared of myself also has the benefit of eliminating a lot of potential conflicts that typically arise in conversations with people as part of the process of getting to know one another.

Luckily for me I am content being alone, the down side is I have free time that I don't want to turn into productive time. Perhaps I should just look for speed dating services in my area.

Charlie Sheen says that and he's now afflicted with HIV. There are benefits to monogamous. Many long term married couples are happy.

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