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Does carbon dating prove the earth is millions of years

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a) you want to know that he likes you because knowing someone likes you feels good,
b) he is indifferent to you (in the romantic sense), but you want him to like you and you 8767 re seeing what you want to see,
c) you don 8767 t know whether or not he likes you, but you 8767 d be open to starting something with him.

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i have a question when a guy keeps asking u if u like him and u keep saying no but i really do think he is hot but does tht mean when he keeps asking me if i like does it mean he likes me or am i overreacting because he kinda is nice to me and he does tease me and talk to in my art class and he keeps saying that i think his hot and i tell him no i just dont want him not liking me and i like him i am fat so tht makes a differentence to so thts y i want to knw.

YG does not deny G-Dragon is dating Jooyeon

So, While waiting for a man to contact a woman, (in my case to let me know he is genuinely interested in me) , how do social media sites comes into play? See, he is my friend on facebook and while I am not a frequent status updater, I do post photos of my friends/family and he obviously will see that. So while I am waiting for his text/call do I continue posting pictures and looking like im living so to speak. Or does this take away from the mystery of him wanting to talk to me again?

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After a while, his flirting and attempts so I assumed he wasn 8767 t I stayed away, and didn 8767 t bother him, but when I did this, he assumed I was upset with him, and kept trying to get me to tell what was on my mind.

I don 8767 t understand but my boyfriend is always telling me that he is going to see me at a certant time but he doesnt he always comes late or he forget and he doesnt really call me that much but sometimes i feel that he will never cheat on me because he is not that great looking i need advice what should i do?

I 8767 m not saying to delude yourself or to totally ignore reality. But if you don 8767 t know one way or the other what he thinks of you, assuming that he likes you will automatically cause you to act in a way that 8767 s more 8775 likable 8776 and attractive.

I am in a really weird situation.
I like this boy, but he has a girlfriend and his girlfriend is really over protective.
His girlfriend is really mean to me because she knows I like him.
The boy I like and the girlfriend that he is with have broken up and got back together 9 times now, which yes is really strange.
I really like this boy, but as you see the situation I am in is crazy!!!

There are these two guys in school, one of them I 8767 m sure really likes me and he has made some moves while the other one has told me and has chased me for complete 9mnths but I turned him down and now he has backed out and I miss him although he steal glances at me, but when he was after me he didnt regularly call but he texts regularly on social networks. The first guy regularly calls but don 8767 t always text, he is the shy type though. I just want to know how I 8767 ll start up a convo with the second guy that will make him chase me again without looking awkward. I try to make him jealous at times by hanging out with other guys.

Hi Mirror
Well he came into my office for his meeting today would not look at me but said hi as he walked by. With a big smile on my face I said hi how are you he stopped in his tracks looked at me and said good and you I said good and turned away and started talking to my boss and laughing. When he was leaving he said bye and saluted me and I said bye. Do not know what the salute meant. Still kills me to see him tho. Can t understand why he won t look at me or talk to me he is the one who dumped me. The only thing I can think of is I told him I wouldn t be friends with him. What is your take on this. Also can t wait till it s not hard to see him. He will coming to my office twice a month. Thanks for your help Judy

Heyy guys I really need some help!!
So there 8767 s this guy and I think he likes me but I don 8767 t know! So we play soccer together and we made a bet, that if he didn 8767 t get scored on then I would kiss him.. And he didn 8767 t get scored on. So I still owe him. He doesn 8767 t text me often and when he does it 8767 s because I texted him first. We don 8767 t have much to talk about but he 8767 s sexy and I like him. The coach told me that he has a girlfriend at school but I haven 8767 t asked him about that. That 8767 s all the info I have Does he like me???

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