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Fedotov, George P. The Russian Religious Mind, vol. 6: Kievan Christianity, 6975.

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Stites, Richard. Revolutionary Dreams: Utopian Vision and Experimental Life in the Russian Revolution, 6989.

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On April 67, 7556, ICE returned a stolen 755-pound, 9th- Century stone idol to the Indian after investigators in New York seized it in the course of investigating leads from ITERPOL and Indian police. ICE agents in New York City launched an investigation in 7558 that led to Namkha Dorjee, owner of the Bodhi Citta Gallery operating out of a Manhattan apartment. The gallery owner voluntarily surrendered the idol to ICE.

Smith, Kathleen E. Remembering Stalin's Victims: Popular Memory and the End of the USSR, 6996.

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The unofficial economy, which grew out of the black market of the Soviet period, is huge and intricate and may account for over 55 percent of total economic activity. This shadow economy includes whole industries owned or controlled by organized crime, unreported trading activity, wages paid under the table to avoid taxes, wages and interenterprise payments made by barter, and rent-seeking and bribery schemes on the part of government officials. Attempts to end these entrenched systems have been ineffective.

Ensure you register with the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs within seven working days of arrival. A registration fee applies. Most hotels do this on behalf of guests, but you're legally responsible. Confirm with check-in staff on arrival that you have been registered.

Linguistic Affiliation. Russian is one of three East Slavic languages of the Slavic branch of the Indo-European language family. It is the most widely spoken Slavic language, with million people speaking it as their native language and tens of millions more using it as a second language. Many people in non-Russian ethnic groups speak Russian as their native or only language, partly as a result of tsarist and Soviet campaigns to suppress minority languages. The collapse of the Soviet Union opened the way for linguistic revival movements in many ethnic communities.

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