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Lowes Customer Service Complaints Department

Date: 2018-04-15 18:40

I have reached my limit with horrible customer service with this company. I have had nothing but problems with this company from day one. I will be cancelling my service with them as soon as possible. After reading here the multitude of others having the same problems with this company, ADT should be concerned about how much longer they can stay in business.

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First off I would like to say that at one time I would only do my home renovations and landscaping projects solely with Lowes. Over the past weeks I have noticed an increasing rudeness and hostility with the management at the Lowes in Winchester, KY. I am currently renovating a home from the foundation to the roof with an addition of 6,555 square feet. I buy rundown houses and renovate them and I spend a great deal of money every year doing this. Yesterday, April 68, I was in your Winchester, KY Lowes and the rudeness and disregard to your customers was the last straw. I will now take my business to your competitor.

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My experience mirrors the above. Service is abomnible. Furthermore, they think that it is ok for you to be down until it suits their fancy. If they aren’t selling piece of mind, what are we paying for????????

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I had a problem with three of the ADT reps when I could no get the alarm system to go off telling me the second backup to turn it off was in the attic. By the time the third person told me that I went up to the attic and fell through the roof into my garage and tore ligaments in my knee. When I called back the forth time and explained what had happened while in pain I was then told the backup set right behind the alarm setup in the closet in my hallway. If the first three people would have told me that I never would have been in the attic and had this accident. This cost me and my insurance well over $8855 out of my pocket which they should have been liable for this not me. I was very disappointed to say the least and unsatisfied with the system techs.

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I will do everything it takes from my end to get this out! For everyone to give it a second thought when dealing with ADT..!!

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I went to Lowes pro service at 7676 Forest ave staten island to get help with building a deck there was nobody there to after two weeks of me constantly calling Martin Rakow finally showed up to my home to give an been almost 8 weeks and no response..I ve left several messages on his phone and no had to call the store manager to finally get him which he promise to contact me the next day and he did is unacceptable they way customers are treated at this store

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