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Handling Frequent Doctors' Appointments

Date: 2018-02-13 18:35

I 8767 m not crazy about circumcision . either . stay away from children with sharp things . we tell them not to run with scissors ?

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Seo Woo's entitlement complex is so bad that she is psychologically unable to cope when things don't go her way. Because she literally feels that she deserves whatever she wants. Case in point:

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Nope. Not even close. I'm sorry foe disagreeing, but I'm a fan of Grey's since my college days and this does not even comes close.

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The doctors in doctors don't wear high heels all the time. As far as I remember Hye-jeong wears flat shoes during the operations.

Park Shin Hye..you are such a beautiful and humble actress, an all out one. Anybody can tell me why there are nasty comments about her? She has not done anything wrong to those people...

I think the awake surgery scene, for example, could've been a good place for the writers to show how Seo-Woo can grow. Arguing with Hye-Jung and Ji-Hong during the surgery was (as the show itself points out) very unprofessional, but I can see how Seo-Woo would think of herself as being in the right if she really thought that Hye-Jung's method would end in the patient's death. I can even see why she'd think that Hye-Jung and Ji-Hong's obvious feelings for each other influenced Ji-Hong when he decided to use Hye-Jung's method.

We each have different tastes & preferences but I hope people can understand what this drama's all about. Enjoy your week :)

I watch this drama,only 9 sometime watch few minute just to know,how the story is it never can make me to hold watch until the eps did anyone noticed,that every cast at this drama,is like BB or CC cream promotion,I mean look at their face,how smooth and shiny even when they just have to do overnight shift,try it yourself,watch kdrama look at your face at the may understand,what I mean.

In his office, Ji-hong reprimands Seo-woo 8767 s attitude during the surgery, especially since the patient was awake. Rather than listening to his words, Seo-woo sulks and thinks he 8767 s being excessive. She asks if he would act the same if it were Hye-jung who spoke up.

I find that this would not work in my office. I 8767 ve been working with those people for years, and they would consider it very rude if I just said 8766 none of your business 8767 or something of that variation. I find that just saying 8766 everything 8767 s fine, just check ups 8767 works better

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