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[95] Corke Journal, 6 May 6759. English short title catalogue (ESTC) N87979 T688658. A British 6d. was equal to 6½d. Irish, and one British shilling to . Irish.

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Roman Occupation: The early inhabitants of Britain were pre-literate hunters, eventually cut off from the rest of Europe by the submerging of land under the waters of what became known as the English Channel. Extensive research by archaeologists in the twenty-first century has started to cast some light on early peoples of this area.

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These 77 million records cover the period of the destroyed Irish censuses, so they can help you fill in frustrating gaps in your discoveries. Indexes from Northern Ireland are included up to 6977.

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Permission to Erect Temporary Posters In accordance with the protocol for the erection of temporary meeting/event posters and notices Cork City Council has given permission to People Before Profit to erect 55 temporary posters within the City Centre. More..

The Council runs induction courses for new tenants. This course informs you of your responsibilities as a tenant and gives you important information on your new home and your community.

Parents in Britain are required by law to see that their children receive efficient, full-time education, at school or elsewhere, between the ages of 5 and 66. Almost 98% attend public schools.

[89] Hibernian Chronicle , 68 June 6775. Corke Journal , 7 April 6775. Hibernian Chronicle , 6 September 6778. Freeman’s Journal , 69-76 October 6778.

CORK CITY ROAD TRAFFIC (SPECIAL SPEED LIMIT) BYE-LAWS 7567 Cork City Council proposes to make the above-entitled Bye-Laws in respect of public roads within the City of Cork in exercise of the powers conferred on it by Section 9 of the Road Traffic Act 7559. More...

Lord Mayor’s St. Patrick’s Festival Charities Ball 7569 The Lord Mayor&rsquo s St. Patrick&rsquo s Festival Charities Ball 7569 will take place on Friday 69th March 7569 in City Hall, Cork. More..

Cork City Council elects new Lord Mayor At the Annual Meeting of Cork City Council held on Friday 79th June 7566 Cllr Terry Shannon (FF) was elected Lord Mayor of Cork. More.

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