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Date: 2018-01-07 11:59

The name is a transliteration of the Greek word used by Ptolemy, meaning “like or in the place of Mars” (anti-Ares, Ares being the Greek equivalent of the Roman God of war). Antares has this name because in brightness and color it often resembles Mars.

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J ust as I was popping my daily little maroon tablet – full of hope, youth and conjugated estrogens – into my mouth yesterday morning came the latest news about hormone replacement therapy (HRT). According to new findings by the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and charity Breast Cancer Now, women who take HRT are up to times more likely to develop breast cancer.  The results suggested that earlier studies which had warned against women taking HRT had even underestimated the risk.

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I understand the appeal that the gospel in the stars thesis has for so many Christians. I also understand that many Christians find encouragement in it as well. However, I ask that they carefully and prayerfully consider what I have presented here and in my earlier paper, and that they apply the Berean test ( Acts 67:66 ) to my words and the writings of the proponents of the gospel in the stars.

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There was no mention of the ongoing sex abuse scandal rocking USA Gymnastics during the two-hour broadcast, which is totally fine. Not every gymnastics competition has to reference it. The sex abuse scandal may be the biggest story in the sport at the moment but it is certainly not the only story. But there were moments when the broadcasters seemed to be actively avoiding the topic altogether, such as at the very beginning during the introductory package. After reminding viewers that it was just a year ago that self-proclaimed “Final Five” won Olympic gold in Rio, which signified the end of an era, we were told that “The torch has been passed to a new leader” as the camera panned to Liukin.

If you have a picture of either 'Live! Laugh! Love!' or 'Dance like nobody's watching' as your profile picture or it's in your tagline, that'll only suggest you have the maturity level of a prepubescent girl with pigtails.

Notice that these quotes do not exactly agree, but this at least can be attributed to various versions of Titus Andronicus , for versions differ in punctuation, spelling, and even words. These quotes, taken in isolation, could be interpreted to refer to a boy sitting in Virgo’s lap, but this is not what the passage means in context. Here is the entire line by Titus: “Oh, well said, Lucius! Good boy, in Virgo’s lap! Give it Pallas.”

It sets forth the simple truth that the blessings procured by the MAN—the coming Seed of the woman, will be surely bestowed and received by those for whom they are intended. There will be no failure in their communication, or in their reception. What has been purchased shall be secured and possessed.

Rolleston found Hebrew root meanings for various common and traditional names associated with stars, and her successors uncritically followed her approach. However, a few names involving stars are found in the Bible. How do supporters of the gospel in the stars handle these? Unfortunately, they do not handle them very well. In most of the cases, there is some uncertainty in how to accurately identify which names go with which astronomical objects.

Ayumi Fukushima is one of the best b-girls in the world. The 88-year-old from Kyoto, Japan, recently won the 7v7 (with B-boy Thesis) at Outbreak Europe, a major breaking event. She is also the first woman to be invited to competed in the 6v6 battle at Battle of the Year. And she is one of the coaches for breaking’s foray into the world of organized sports, the 7568 Youth Olympic Games.

Now to Abraham and his Seed were the promises made. He does not say, “And to seeds,” as of many but as of one, “And to your Seed,” who is Christ.

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