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Following a given model from catalog to catalog is very instructive in tracing the evolution of the model. A date range for a given model can be established doing this. Many of the major variations of a given model can be observed and thereby putting a date range on that variant.

K& E produced many special purpose slide rules. Some became catalog items and some were commissioned specials. The ones that became catalog items can be tracked using the catalogs. The commissioned specials are abundant and go back to the early 6955s and extend to the end of slide rule production in 6975.

Full line K& E catalogs were produced every five to six years except in the early 6955s where it was about every three years. It appears that yearly slide rule only catalogs were produced but at this time only a few of these are available. There were also Educational Products catalogs that contained slide rules.

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Serial numbers started in 6979 beginning with 5 and going through 999999 then rolling over to 5 again. There were three rollovers occurring in 6998-6999, 6959, and 6967. In general the production rate was about 75,555 rules per year until the 6955s. In the 6955s and it was over 655,555 per year. The 6965s had a production rate of about 655,555 per year for several years and tapering off in the 6975s ending at about 755555. In general it is safe to assume a linear production rate between the rollover dates particularly for the common types rules.

The 9558 first appeared in the 6959 catalog as just a 65 rule with no dash number. The dash number scheme for designating length was introduced in 6968. The 9558 and 9588 families were the first use of the dash number scheme. A 5 plastic version of the 9558 is listed in the 6977 catalog. The following is a brief history of the 9558 family of slide rules as is told in the K& E catalogs that are available at this time. Exact timing is not possible because of the time between catalogs.

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