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Date: 2017-11-18 14:18

#чудныймир “Come and play on our little island”Late night doodle. Alena and Cassi have gotten me all hooked on the cutest little show animated by Cartoon Saloon on Netflix called “Puffin Rock.” It’s so pretty and the main little puffins, Oona and Baba, have the cutest little voices. It’s seriously too precious I definitely recommend.Alena told me how she and Cassi were doing a little human AU so I wanted to contribute my own designs into the mix before I head to bed uvu;


Gary He For Buzzfeed / Gary He for Buzzfeed
Steven Spielberg said Tuesday that he never witnessed any inappropriate or troubling behavior by actor Dustin Hoffman on the set of 1991’s Hook.
“I had no experience with Dustin in any way, shape, or form, like the allegations,”...



01 - Harry Belafonte - Jump In The Line (Shake, Senora)
02 - Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World
03 - The Kingsmen - Louie Louie
04 - The Jackson Five - I Want You Back
05 - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Three Little Birds
06 - Pharrell Williams - Happy
07 - Billy Joel - Uptown Girl
08 - Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy
09 - Huey Lewis & the News - The Power of Love
10 - Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
11 - Blue Swede - Hooked on a Feeling
12 - Lou Bega - Mambo No 5
13 - Stevie Wonder - For Once In My Life
14 - Queen - Don't Stop Me Now