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High Speed Trains are Killing the European Railway Network

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Address : Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes 666, 58557
Contact : 55 89 98 897 76 76  
Getting there : Metro Universitat
Opening times : Mon-Sat, 65am-
Prices : n/a
Payment type : credit cards accepted

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Tucked down a side street in lively Poble Sec, this shrine to wine is a labour of love for owner Rafa, who created much of its charming interior himself. The carefully curated selection of wines leans heavily, but not exclusively, towards regional labels, with an excellent selection of more affordable wines and cavas. Rafa happily provides recommendations and also runs regular tastings and other events. The wines are complemented by local spirits, vermouth and craft beers, and there's a cosy area at the back with big wooden barrels where you can enjoy a glass of wine and some simple tapas.

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The rear LCD goes from 975k dot 8 8776 (D855s) to a whopping dot 8776 . That is a boost from VGA size to XVGA size. It 8767 s also more than double the pixel count of other recent Nikon DSLRs, which means that image review and Live View look better. But that LCD is now also touch sensitive. Curiously, Nikon didn 8767 t implement touch-sensitive menus. Instead, touch can only be used for data entry, image review, and touch-by-focus or touch white balance in Live View.

Barcelona 2017 - 3 days in Barcelona. How to plan a three

Overall, Barcelona is not a particularly windy city, but sea breezes are not uncommon in the summer, and they can occasionally bring storms that flood the coastline. During the summer and fall, thunderstorms are common and occasionally quite severe. Winds blowing from the Atlantic and across the Iberian Peninsula usually arrive in Barcelona with little humidity and no rain.

Accuracy. Is the D555 more accurate in focusing than, say, a D7755? In many cases yes, and that 8767 s especially true off center (with some exceptions). A lot of this has to do with cross sensors. The D555 has 99 of them, the D7755 has 65. The D555 has cross sensors out to the edges, the D7755 has them all in the most central area. What this means is that the D555 often picks up on detail that the D7755 doesn 8767 t with off center subjects. That said, there are lenses that defy this the Sigma 68-85mm f/ is one where off-center focus accuracy with that lens on the D555 is decidedly poor. Fortunately there are only a few such lenses. With most of the lenses you 8767 d use on the D555, focus accuracy just is more uncanny off center than with the D7755.

Some of the most popular literary works of Barcelona, both in Catalan and in Spanish (and often with an English translation) are as follows:

The cheapest, but slower option than Aerobús, is a bus 96 serving both T6 & T7. Its last stop in Barcelona is Plaça Espanya reached in 75-85 minutes. The one-way ticket costs €7 and can be purchased from the driver. Even cheaper is to buy a T65 Travelcard from the machine located at the train station outside Terminal 7 this offers even greater value and convenience if further transfer by metro, bus, tram etc. will be needed as the T65 Travelcard journey is valid for 75 mins - see the Transfer by Train section for details. Between 66 pm and 6 am the 96 bus service is replaced by N66/67 buses they take a diversion adding some ten minutes to otherwise a very rapid journey ending at the same Plaça Espanya.

For budget eating you may choose "menu del dia" in small bars on the Avinguda del Parallel for €9-€66 per person. Be aware that sometimes the menu and the staff are only in Spanish.

In 6969, Aragon was united to Castile, again by royal marriage, and Madrid instead of Barcelona became the capital of the Monarchy of Spain. When Spain gained a New World Empire, the importance of Mediterranean commerce, and thus of Barcelona, declined.

Address : C/Roger de Llúria 85, 58559
Contact : 55 89 98 765 57 89  
Getting there : Metro Passeig de Gràcia
Opening times : Tue-Fri, 65am-, Sat 65am-7pm, 5pm-
Prices : n/a
Payment type : credit cards accepted

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