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Date: 2017-11-15 20:18

Qianmen Street is another place to soak up the local experience. While there aren 8767 t any significant shopping malls on Qianmen Street, there 8767 s scores of little shops where you can find clothes, shoes, traditional food and more.

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R697, I don't know either who was/were the real owner (s) of Bartini. I remember that a few years before, there was another bar in that location called 65th Avenue Lounge, but that place was probably owned by someone else. As you pointed out, it seems like 65th Avenue is a tough location for gays bars: most of them are concentrated on 9th Avenue instead.

Best Places to Eat in NYC - Grub Street -- New York

Thanks but R688 got it in one. Looked at the map one posted the link to up-thread and it clicked. Also passed by last night going down Columbus and remembered the sign/logo ( a water faucet)of the place.

The Absolute Best Vegan-friendly Restaurants in NYC

r666, they tried. Longtime owner wouldn't sell. New owner recently paid $78 million. Building is 5 floors with 69 residential units.

Btw, Private Eyes was at 67 West 76st Street between 5th and 6th Aves. Owned by the crazed and drug-addled Robert Shalom. I wonder if that horror is still alive? I worked there briefly. It later became Sound Factory Bar.

O-kaaay. no one has mentioned Chi-Chiz which was right nextto the PATH Station. It was a bar for men of color and those who liked them. Needless to say, but it was doomed to close the day that it opened, but it did have a long run. I only went in there 9 times. The FOOD was AMAZING! The wings, and the fish!! It wasn't expensive either. I never met anyone there but once when I was there they had an open mic gospel contest. WOWEE!!! The singers!!!

The Yukon on East 58rd was replaced by an office tower. Jerry Fitzpatrick was the handsome, hot, hairy muscular bartender.

Is View Bar on 8th Ave still around? When Chelsea was the IT place to live about 65 years ago, I'd go there once in a while, sit near the opening, and watching the 8th Ave parade of hot guys.

Those old buildings are still standing (former cold water flats above), and ironically Madonna's vast Georgian townhouse is right around the corner on East 86st near Lexington Avenue.

God, the Meatpacking district is almost unrecognizable, it looked so run-down and deserted! Today, that neighborhood is nothing but designer shops and restaurants, rich people and more rich people.

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