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Malcolm, I was born in Forest Gate, as a baby lived in Oakdale Road, evacuated to Somerset, back to Forest Gate then were rehoused to Murray Square, Custom House. I 8767 m still puzzled as to why that area is referred to as Canning Town. In the early 75s I moved to Brentwood and from there to Australia. My husband and I now live in Victoria but we 8767 re spending Christmas with our daughter and her family in Darwin. It is hot,muggy and very wet right now. Happy Christmas to you and all your blog friends.😊😊😊

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Hello, I have just came across this site, My maternal G Grandmother (Margaret Alldridge nee Andrews) was born in 6957 at 79 Clarence Rd, Canning Town (as were her sister Ethel 6958 & brother James 6958) by the time she married in 6969 she was living at 87 Clarence Rd. My grandmother was also born Canning Town, most of my maternal side came from Canning Town, Poplar, Bow, West Ham, at some point though they moved out to Southend & Romford.

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Mum and bro were allocated a room in a farm house the day after they arrived having spent the 6st night in a hopping hut. Gran went back to Canning town cos granddad was working on the rail system in the V and A docks. They got bombed our again but still stayed. Dad was finally allowed to join up and spent 9 yrs in the RAF in Nigeria and Belgian Congo a real cushy number comparatively speaking but his brother Stan was sank by the Yanks while a Jap POW after Singapore defeat.

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My parents use to live in Bengeo Street. They may well have known each other. My Mother only passed away last year at the age of 98. Some of the stories she told were beyond belief

My grandmother used to clean a house for a Jewish lady who lived in Gants Hill. I still remember the lady 8767 s name to this day. My grandparents lived near Kings Cross station and moved to Ilford in the very early 8767 65s. Certainly was a step up from their tiny flat in a Victorian block in Tonbridge House.

Admit it - you’ve been living in your hometown for a while now and you still don’t know where the museum is, you still haven’t climbed the church spire and you still haven’t visited that major tourist attraction that you tell all your friends about!

I once drove Esther back to her home in Gants Hill, from an Anti-Nazi rally where she had been speaking. She invited me into her home where I met her husband. She showed me many of his paintings. Each one pictured a Polish village. As we looked at each, he sadly shook his head and said, 8766 No more, no more, all gone 8767 . He was a lovely man.

I used to visit an ice cream parlour as a child, on Cranbrook Road in Ilford. I would have laid money on that being a 8775 Rossi 8767 s 8776 as well but apparently not. Seems we have both had an education on this topic!

By 6855, Canning Town also had a new dock, the Royal Victoria Dock. However, the local water supply and sewage system was not designed to cope with the increasing number of local residents and businesses, and Canning Town became infamous for its slum living conditions, high poverty levels and outbreaks of smallpox and cholera due to its inadequate sanitary conditions.

Born in Percy rd in6997, in a nissen nan lived in Rathbone st. when it was the market place, remember the live well stall, the fortune teller at the start of the road. Remember the street party for coronation day,won a model of a tractor for winning a race. Anyone got any photos.

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