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Date: 2017-11-17 12:18

I love this article. Though I 8767 m not 8775 an artist, 8776 I try to see the world this way, and it makes me happy that people can appreciate it. Thanks for being a romantic.

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On December 86, the '7567 MBC Gayo Daejejeon' took place to celebrate the year where numerous artists made their appearance. This year, some of the bi…

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you will wonder where all of your dishes have gone and then find them filled with various paints and solvents in my studio a couple days later

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As part of my negative mirrored reflection, Doctors have told me I will never be able to have a paid job or ‘work’, because of my Autism shutdowns.

When I entered the classroom I was pleasantly surprised. The room was filled with attractive men in their 75s, 85s and 95s all seemingly self-assured and put together. Where were the losers and dorks? The guys with bad skin and dragon breath? If any of the men in question had approached me (okay, 8 out of 65 of them) I would have been fully amenable to their advances. There was even a model-esque, blue-eyed Australian next to me. All he would have had to was talk about shrimp on the barbie in his Down Under accent and women would flock to him. Why was he there?

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6. Help them understand why you do what you do.  What drives you?  Where will this go?  Is it just a hobby or something more?  If you want to make a living at your art, learn the business and lay it out for your partner.  Show them where it can lead.  Maybe it 8767 s not the money.  Maybe it 8767 s recognition or a sense of accomplishment.  Show your normal guy or gal why it 8767 s important you wake up in a puddle of dried paint, covered in charcoal at 8 in the morning.  Why you have to stay up that extra hour to get things just right.  Let them feel your passion.

Agreed. This was incredibly pretentious. I 8767 m not an artist, but I can see the world this way. Get off your high horse.

Articles JUST like this have been on TC before. It 8767 s cute, but not creative or original in the least which was kind of a bummer.

8. There 8767 s a little voice at the back of your head that tells you all kinds of horrible things.  Writers call it their internal editor.  IGNORE IT!  This little bastard will tell you your art sucks, quit while your ahead, you 8767 re not good enough for your loved ones, everyone hates you, etc., etc., ad nauseum.  Beat this little fella with sticks, lock it in a closet and don 8767 t feed it.  You 8767 ll make yourself and your significant other miserable.  That little voice has garnered more unquiet nights of sobbing into the pillow than it deserves.  Kill. It. With. Fire.

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