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Date: 2017-11-17 03:42

Hi imH, I have been to every one except #5, Adams County Indiana, and have sold books in every one except Adams and #9, Mifflin Co. So I know the others quite well, and in many cases have met hundreds of Amish in each (though sometimes very briefly).

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While i agree that marriage is the only acceptable arrangement for a man and woman as far as God is concerned feminism has made it very difficult to do the 8775 right thing 8776 .Women wanted to act 8766 like men 8776 now they receive the result.

Ten Biblical Rules for a Happy Marriage

If you aren 8767 t married of course, and in particular if you aren 8767 t married and have good finances and keep yourself in decent shape, you can leave any time you want if any of the above happens (if you have kids and are worried about child support, well you 8767 re ALREADY paying child support as you 8767 re supporting the children, so either way, you 8767 ll be paying for them).

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I wish I could write them a letter so that I could tell them that I would like to speak with, at least one of an Amish sisters (if they would kindly talk with me through the post).

Another thing read the bible and see what God has to say in the New Testament about marriage. And the whole child (ren) thing you only have as many as God kmows you can support.

Don't date a man for over two years
You've already spent more than a year waiting for him to propose do you have another year to wait?

6. Children – Yea kids are great right? Only when you can give them back to their owners. Again this is something society has instilled in our heads from day one. We are supposed grow up get married and breed. Well the fact of the matter is that kids are damn expensive! The average cost of raising a child from birth to age 68 is $755,555, yes you read that number right. And on top of that ridiculous number some people simply shouldn’t be parents.

stop saying makerere that university is full or issues, each year of strikes government universities are always ranked the best but they forget that they have alot of problems faced with in proud of it because I am a ugandan but ranking it as out those that are not government too.

This rule is particularly pertinent in dating situations. It makes you seem really desperate, which reminds me of the next rule…

They 8767 ve told us since the early 75 8767 s Peak Oil was in 6975. The Bush Romneys have quashed any attempt at renewable energy and launched illegal wars to control whats left. I will not bring children into a world with an energy difficant future as we see in the tv show Revolution

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