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The pros and cons of using Internet.

Date: 2017-11-16 13:19

it all depend how you use. every new technology has its pros and cons. just use the technology with care and for positive use.

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[.] 65 Company Name Types and its pro and cons (The Name Inspector Blog): [Pun] names are words or phrases that have been modified slightly to evoke an appropriate second meaning. They’re similar to blends, but they involve a coincidental similarity between part of the main word and the second evoked word. Pros: Pun names can be fun and memorable. Cons: Nothing sounds dumber than a bad pun. [.]

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Ryan Hayes , owner of Fit to Tweet, commented, “Twenty years ago we talked about the ‘digital divide’ being people who had access to a computer at home vs. those that didn’t, or those who had access to the internet vs. those who didn’t …. Ten years from now, though, the life of someone whose capabilities and perception of the world is augmented by sensors and processed with powerful AI and connected to vast amounts of data is going to be vastly different from that of those who don’t have access to those tools or knowledge of how to utilize them. And that divide will be self-perpetuating, where those with fewer capabilities will be more vulnerable in many ways to those with more.”

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Name Media, the company that owns Buy Domains and Afternic, recently came out with a free online tool that can help businesses to identify business domain names and available corresponding social handles. The search results can be shared through social networks and the feedback used to narrow down the choices.

can I ask where you studied or what do you do? I 8767 m doing a research paper and i want to use this information and i need to 8775 briefly say 8776 who you are or why you are qualified to speak on this.
A reply would help a lot

You are so right, a misspelled name is no protection from a trademark infringement case. The USPTO and other organizations that monitor trademarks would consider this 8775 confusingly similar 8776 and you would have to give the name up and there might be punitive damages lobbied against you.

OK a little more now I understand how everyone wrote long entries. The reason I found this page today was this lead here:

Before we get further into the pros and cons list, what exactly is nuclear energy? The basic gist is this: By separating an atom into two lighter atoms, there is a net loss of mass. This mass is not exactly lost, but rather transformed into massive amounts of energy. This is what is referred to as nuclear fission. By controlling these reactions we can harness the energy.

Replacing teachers: The only teachers that will be replaced will be those who only do what tech can. As written in this article, tech can 8775 deliver content, assesses, and set students on a new course of learning, all without teacher intervention. 8776 That was acceptable in the 69th and 75th centuries. Not any more. The teacher 8767 s role has shifted to being that 8775 deliverer of content 8776 to being the professional adult in the room whose job it is to stoke creativity in the students, ask questions that should trigger deeper questions, solve problems that require human thought, not computer data.

Vinton Cerf , Internet Hall of Fame member and vice president and chief internet evangelist at Google: “Algorithms are mostly intended to steer people to useful information and I see this as a net positive.”

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