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Date: 2017-11-16 07:20

Jessica Renee Caudill, 75, of Apollo Circle in Nanticoke, was sentenced Tuesday to two to four years in state prison for breaking into a home.
Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas Judge Hugh Mundy sentenced Caudill on charges of burglary, access device fraud, and unsworn falsifications in three cases.
In one case, Nanticoke police said Caudill in June broke into a South Hanover Street home and stole a video-game system, video games, a purse, and bonds.


A West Nanticoke man was arraigned Friday on burglary and other related charges after police said he broke into a man 696 s home Thursday.
Times Leader

Shadowlands Haunted Places Index - Kentucky

I think they learned a hard lesson never underestimate the collective intelligence of the electorate. Don 8767 t insult them and expect to win the presidency.

Shadowlands Haunted Places Index - California2

SoCal is full of fat and obese people and the industry still there (left from massive exodus) is a fraction of what Spokane has. The people in Spokane are far nicer and courteous than those in SoCal. Yes it might have some transplant guys from SoCal with tattoos, but nothing like the number of tattoos guys you see in SoCal.

Jt, you assume the prices in RE stay the same as they are today. In a RE collapse, that is not the case prices will much lower. Therefore, those limits will not be a problem.

Cheshinski and Shultz Honored

L To R..Mayor Toole, Sergeant Shultz, Captain Cheshinski and Chief Zaremba Mayor Toole presented Capt. Cheshinski and Detective Sgt. Shultz with letters of commendation to honor them for their quick analysis of the recent anthrax scare at the Nanticoke Post Office. (See story below)

John you 8767 re a thief, if you owe taxes pay it. If you don 8767 t like something fair enough, then work to change the rules, but by buying things, not paying proper tax and things that are possibly stolen, you 8767 re just shifting the burden to honest people such as myself.

Nanticoke man arrested on charges linked to 695 club drug 696
He was previously convicted of distributing anabolic steroids.
Terrie Morgan-Besecker - Times Leader

Dan, even a broken clock in correct two time a day. Regardless of what says the day of reckoning has arrived. It is very clear that both the stock market bubble and real estate bubble are topping out at this very moment. Signs of mania fatigue are appearing everywhere.

Montague says he'll turn you away from his hikes if you're not prepared. Bring water, wear hiking boots on rough terrain, and out-of-shapers stay home.

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