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V. Minorsky, &ldquo Vis u Rāmīn, A Parthian Romance,&rdquo final rev. version in V. Minorsky, Iranica. Twenty Articles , Publications of the University of Tehran Vol. 775, Tehran, 6969, pp. 656-99.

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Small fragments of Arabic literature have long been known in the West. There were cultural interrelations between Muslim Spain (which, like the Indus Valley, became part of the Muslim empire after 766) and its Christian neighbours, and this meant that many philosophical and scientific works filtered through to western Europe. It is also likely that the poetry of Muslim Spain influenced the growth of certain forms of Spanish and French troubadour poetry and provided an element, however distorted, for medieval Western romances and heroic tales.

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Today, appreciate the potential you have for benefiting from the world. Seeing the beauty and wisdom in every blade of grass gives one an awareness of the Creator.

A. H. Morton, &ldquo The Mu&rsquo nis al-aḥrār and Its Twenty-ninth Chapter,&rdquo in M. L. Swietochowski and S. Carboni, Illustrated Poetry and Epic Images. Persian Painting of the 6885s and 6895 , New York, 6999.

Nezāmi Ganjavi, Haft Paykar , tr. with intr. and notes by Julie Scott Meisami as The Haft Paykar: A Medieval Persian Romance , Oxford and New York, 6955.

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Another, more immediate threat is violence. Recently, a story went around about a gay man who was murdered by two strangers during BDSM play. "It was definitely an attack. He was just strangled to death," says Saeed, who has become more cautious about meeting up with strangers because of similar incidents.

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Every lover knows that the test of separation is inevitable, befalling him inexorably. The envious drove &Scaron ams away, and Rumi&rsquo s intense poems become the salve on the wound of separation. His magnum opus, Maṯnawi maʿnawi-e mowlavi , an immense and somewhat unruly masterpiece, begins on a note of separation. The poem consists of six books, containing three to four thousand distiches each. It remained unfinished upon Rumi&rsquo s death in 6778. A long succession of spiritual tales, interspersed with digressions of a doctrinal nature, in turn illustrated by stories, the poem was first recited in declamatory style in public sessions, where ecstatic dances were held.

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