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Date: 2018-04-16 05:34

[id404774169|Marie], I think it's western women who are so fussy. Often they will say they don't date guys under 6ft, 183cm is pretty tall, so you're basically ruling out at least 80% of the British male population, and maybe 90% of the world considering Europeans are generally taller than less developed places. It's especially annoying when it's women who are average height saying this. I'm still over 10cm taller than most women being 178cm. I have dated women taller than me, and yes, it is kind of awkward, you don't so much feel like you're protecting this woman like a man should.



No boobs? Damn. Grow some. Boobs? Cover yourself. You’re so vulgar. No ass? Everyone will laugh at you for it. Ass? Well, better cover yourself cause you don’t wanna draw attention to that booty, right? Short? You need to wear those heels. Tall? Damn. You cannot be taller than men. Also, never wear heels. Skinny? Gotta gain weigh cause no one likes bones. Chubby? Eat healthy!!!! Nobody likes fat bitches. You like makeup? Hell no. Taking you swimming on the first date. No makeup? Please, take care of yourself. Don’t be so lazy.
We, women, are constantly shamed for everything so we, as well, might do whatever we want.