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Date: 2018-04-16 03:24

180303 Chuu & Gowon's Fansign

(Pict 1)
Q: Out of all the members, who would you want to date if you're a guy?
Gowon: Choerry.
(Chuu kept saying "Me! Me!" beside Gowon but Gowon didn't even budge).

(Pict 2)
Q: First impression and current impression of Chuu unnie??

First impression: Bright
Current impression: Even more more more!!

(Pict 3)
OP states that Chaewon mentions that the member who is the best at cooking is Yves.

(Pict 4)
To. Chaewon❤️
Q: Which member do you want to try being roommates with?
Gowon: Chuu unnie!!


#이달의소녀 #츄 #고원 #CHUU #GOWON #LOONA


Rhett was my high school love.
He took my V-card then broke my heart before joining the SEALs.
Now, it’s our ten-year reunion on a Caribbean cruise.
And he’s my next-door roommate.

My BFF volunteered me for a charity dating auction on the ship.
And Rhett’s sharing the stage with me.
He says he wants me back.
That he’s the one for me.
So, I’ll play a little game with him.
And he’s more than happy to oblige.
Whoever raises the most money can do anything they want with the other for one night.
I want to make him pay for breaking my heart years ago.
But what if I fall for him all over again?


[preparing for a date]
me: what if she kisses me
roommate: you kiss her back, bro
me: ok
me: *thinking* but why her back though