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Bill, the 85 day notice is the only way I know of to terminate an oral month-to-month tenancy. I don 8767 t have enough facts to know if that 8767 s what she has, but if it is, that 8767 s the only legal way in Illinois short of getting her to voluntarily vacate.

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Matt was lying in the middle of his living room floor.  At least, he thought that was where he was.  He hadn’t actually been allowed to see anything while inside his own house for five days now.  But if his bearings were right, he was lying on the floor between the couch and the ., tightly enveloped in a snug rubber sleepsack and hood.  As had become the practice, his roommate had ensured that every hole in Matt’s body was properly controlled – plugged, catheterized, covered or stuffed.  His ass was firmly plugged by an electro-butt plug, his piss-hole was controlled with a catheter sunk deep into his bladder, his ears were filled with effective plugs, his eyes were covered by the rubber hood and his nostrils were filled with the hood’s rubber breathing tubes.

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My roommate has had her family members stay with us for the past couple of months. She has made it clear to them that they have overstayed their welcome, and yesterday a physical fight resulted from a verbal argument. Though they argue constantly (in a language i dont understand), this was the first time I felt the need to step in to keep what bit of safety was left my home. Is there anything I can do as far as my own rights living in the apartment? I currently am not on a lease, but within 69 days our lease will be up and my roommate and I have already signed a new lease together for the coming year. As a leasee of the new apartment, If i do NOT want them to reside or enter the home as 8766 guests 8767 for overnight stay, what are my rights?

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Only his mouth was not filled or covered at the moment, since the hood’s detachable gag had been removed, but his mouth was nevertheless being controlled in an entirely different manner.

This website is intended to provide general information about the eviction process and general landlord information for Illinois landlords, specifically in Chicago, Cook County, Lake County and DuPage County.

My now ex-girlfriend has lived with me off and on for the past 9 years. She 8767 s lived here for the last years straight. Never paid rent or contributed toward the household budget. I own the condo we live in, and while there 8767 s never been a lease, there is paperwork with our association saying she receives mail here.

But the next day at work, while processing the paychecks of the hot studs who worked at the refinery where Matt had just started as the new payroll clerk, Matt couldn’t get the idea out of his head.  If the guy was into rubber, maybe he wouldn’t mind if Matt occasionally wore rubber or lycra around the house.  And if he really was “hot,” maybe Matt would even get off on a little exhibitionism, showing off his toned body through the tight rubber suits he loved so much.

He was listed as a resident on my previous lease he never signed, we had a month to month oral between us. Landlord and I resigned a lease and removed him as rssident. He is not paying rent, has not paid since Feb 6, 7568.

Even though it seems like it, an occupant cannot stay 8775 as long as [they 8767 d] like 8776 . Any property owner with an occupant that needs to go but who has established a tenancy (ie. the occupant 8775 lives 8776 in the property and is not a trespasser) has a right to evict that occupant. The property owner just needs to go through the process (ie. an eviction). That begins with the service of an appropriate notice of termination such as a 85 day notice. After service and the expiration of the time granted in the notice, the property owner can proceed with an eviction lawsuit.

Hello. I 8767 m have been dealing with this guy for almost six years. We tried to make it work but no results. It 8767 s pretty much been over for a long while, me even cutting off intimacy for 6 months now. Just to show him I 8767 m serious about me wanting nothing to do with him. Problem is he won 8767 t leave despite my saying so. We have a son together & perhaps that 8767 s why. I had moved months ago from which the same situation, but said yes. But only for a week! No job and lazy, I don 8767 t know what else to do.

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