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What does hook up mean? hook up Definition. Meaning of

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this guy texts me constantly without having a point and I get frustrated cuz I only use the phone to make plans and not chat aimlessly for hrs and hrs, not knowing what the purpose is

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If you register your rifle you will be put in a assault weapons database. Which is very bad cuz sooner or later they will say no more grandfathered rifles tbey are banned now and will know exactly where to go and take them. Over 7 million gun owners in California we need to grow some balls stand up and say screw your re register BS BOTTOM LINE

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Hey my ex has a new girl and his life they was chilling n I knew nothing about it.. n out of the blue he wanted to talk and text more with me.. Then she did some to make herself noticeable cause I knew nothing about her! So once I seen them hugging and kissing but now he doesnt do those things with her.. Why will he come back in my life if he was chilling with her! He tells me everything they do and they only hang out late night but he is trying to keep me in his life and he say she is cool but he cant see his self with her and he has none else to do! What should I do?

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Of course, you can always avoid registration and the hassle of having more than 6 AR by converting your mag release from the Bullet Button to the 8775 AR Mag Lock 8776 (recommended) or the 8775 Patriot Mag Release 8776 .

I 8767 m not a lawyer or anything but from what I have read, I would say yes due to the fact that with the mag lock (becomes fixed magazine) it is no longer defined as an assault weapon.

The phrase “lovey-dovey” explains well the unabashed way that dove nibbles at her mate 8767 s neck and erupts into a synchronized dance of beak grasping and head bobbing with him. We have borrowed a lot from dove, saying that lovers “coo” over each other. Male mourning doves are the ones that do the cooing to attract mates.

That is how I took it also. But it sounds like you better have the second person there with you before you purchase from the FFL. I don 8767 t see being able to do it afterward. Maybe even now is a good idea with 77 days left.

The NRA having a limited budget had to pass on an all-out effort in CA, much to my dismay, but will be challenging all these asinine weapon disarmament laws to the highest court that will hear them. The statistics were against CA citizens by the idiotic liberals who have flooded our state with illegals and the establishment of lawless 8775 sanctuary 8776 cities. If the state has decided to allow selective enforcement of our Federal laws I suppose the People can establish 8775 sanctuary 8776 cities that do not have CA law compliance. Works both ways.

I didn 8767 t say anything and wasn 8767 t affected by it as I know guys need that sort of stimulation from other sources other than you (as long as it doesn 8767 t get out of hand)

As with AR pistols, AK pistols cannot be made featureless.  AK pistols will need to be registered before January 6, 7568 or must use a device similar to the AR MAGLOCK called the AK MagLatch.

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