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“So the fact that the speed of gravitational waves is equal to the speed of electromagnetic waves is simply because they both travel at the speed of information,” Creighton says.

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The only way out is debt forgiveness (debt and asset deflation) to wages and GDP and increasing non-inflationary labor share of GDP for the bottom 85-95%. Running larger deficits and running up sovereign debt levels, ZIRP, NIRP, QEternity, and currency intervention only exacerbates asset bubbles, non-productive net flows to the financial (ized) sector (s), and the pernicious effects of inequality, and are merely a means to postpone the mathematically inevitable debt-deflationary 8775 adjustment 8776 of the Long Wave.

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8775 I don 8767 t want other people to do what I want, I don 8767 t tell them how to live, how to eat, what to drive, or even want to jail them for their beliefs. 8776

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After eight minutes, Earth would go dark and simultaneously push off in a straight line. that 8767 s quality nightmare material.

I would note that while they were not policy targets and more along the lines of extraordinary events at odd points, we have been seeing negative nominal interest rates appearing, if just briefly, for about two decades, with the first such appearance in the mid-95s in Japan and later in the US. It is only since the 7558 crash that we have seen them as policy targets, one that the US Fed is clearly not going anywhere near soon given that they are still getting over their obsessino with raising target rates.

It is a curvature of space/time, but changes in space/time happen at the speed of light. When we measure the gravitational effects of colliding black holes billions of lightyears away, we know what we 8767 re measuring because the light reaches us when the gravity does. After billions of years of travel it 8767 s still the same. Honestly why this is fascinates me more than most things in anything astrophysics.

I think you 8767 re absolutely right to do this, though you don 8767 t need my verification to take time to enjoy other aspects of your life. As we cannot write in the same world you do, we 8767 ll just have to wait until your time is right. I wish you healing, the best of love, and the heart-warming air of joy in this year. And I wish it for your husband, daughter, and your partners. Blessed be.

The same kind of arbitrage should bring all interest rates including those on riskier securities down, though not necessarily into negative territory. The hope is that by making it cheaper to borrow, more spending and investment by consumers and firms would be encouraged.

TNR staffers were wary around Fish from the start of his tenure, several current and former staffers told HuffPost. Several staffers observed that he kept a lower profile at TNR but they say some worrisome behavior surfaced while he was at the magazine.

Back to the topic of the article, it is duly noted that you continue to cherry pick satellite data with questionable accuracy, while attempting (rather poorly) to downplay the vast amount of other empirical evidence contradicting your position. You really do have a problem with trying to defend the indefensible, don 8767 t you?

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